E*13 Releases Upgrade Kit To Convert 11-speed to 12-speed

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If you have the 12-speed itch but are currently on a SRAM 11-speed groupset and on a limited budget the only option before today was to wait for it to wear out and bag yourself an NX Eagle groupset, but today there’s another way.

E*13 has released the TRS PLUS 12 Speed Upgrade Kit that allows you to convert your current 11-speed SRAM groupset to a 12-speed system, and it only costs $299! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

This goes into your current 11-speed SRAM shifter.

This isn’t a simple cassette, chain, and shifter swap though. Instead, E*13 have developed its conversion kit to replace the internals of a SRAM 11-speed shifter with its own to give you that extra 12-speed click. On top of that there are a couple of jockey wheel spacers, derailleur cage bolts, and a few other tiny pieces that have the potential for being lost or misplaced, so perhaps this is one job for the kitchen table?

Comes complete with all the tools to complete the conversion!

If you’re brave enough to undergo the operation and open up your 11-speed SRAM shifter, you’ll be happy to learn that E*13 includes everything in the retrofit kit to complete the work including Allen keys, a shifter cable and a tube of grease.

There’s also the all-important TRS 9-46t 12-speed cassette which gives you a claimed 511% range according to E*13, however, you’re going to also want to switch to a smaller chainring if you hope to climb walls like you can when using that SRAM 50t granny gear.

E*13 TRS 12-speed cassette comes with the kit for a claimed 511% range.

While we’re talking claims, E*13 also states that the TRS PLUS 12 Speed Upgrade Kit will actually save weight too, but we’re not sure if this is compared to the 11-speed kit you’re replacing or if you were to choose a full SRAM 12-speed upgrade, and even then is that compared to NX or X01?

For those of you on the 12-speed upgrade trail and feel that this is a system that suits your needs, you should be able to order the TRS PLUS 12 Speed Upgrade Kit from your local E*13 dealer from today. Pricing is $299 USD or 299 Euros. We’ve asked E*13 to confirm what UK pricing will be and we’ll update this article once we hear back from them.

You may remember that E*13 was chosen by YT earlier year over SRAM and Shimano for key drivetrain components, now with the introduction of this kit it’s clear that E*13 plan on becoming a major drivetrain manufacturer, so how long will it be before the brand launches a complete drivetrain with E*13 branded shifter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    You can almost guarantee $299 USD or 299 Euros will translate to £299

    Maybe in a year or so when the kit becomes more affordable I’ll update my GX to 12 speed.

    Having done a similar internal parts replacement on an X9 shifter for use with an alfine I can confirm this is a kitchen table job. Getting the shifter back together is a complete ball ache, especially if the spring moves at all!

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