Get A Grip! Northern Grip Festival Coming Soon!

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If you love the North, Mountain Biking, Music, and a festival vibe then the Northern Grip Festival is the one place you need to be!

Northern Grip returns to Lee Quarry and Stubbylee Park for 2018 with more of the same and a whole lot more than before. The festival has become famous with bikers for the relaxed and fun atmosphere that’s isn’t aimed purely at hardcore mountain bikers but anyone who just likes to relax outdoors.

Northern Grip, Lee Quarry
Bikes, beer, sun and fun

The event will be spread across to venues with mountain biking taking place in Lee Quarry and Crag Quarry plus loops around local hotspots. There’s everything from 3km Poole to 30km epics.

If you’re not up for a ride or just want a place to leave the family for the day then the Stubbylee Park venue is the place to be. This is the festival hug and where you’ll find food, drink, live music, demo bikes and much much more.

More details are available over on the official Northern Grip website here, but for an insight at what the festival has to offer watch the 2017 highlights video below:

Also, here’s the latest teaser video for the 2018 Northern Grip festival:

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    The event will be spread across TO venues? Must be hard to get proof readers nowadays!

    I like the sound of the Festival Hug

    And Poole (I’m assuming pootle).

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