The New Singletrack Magazine Weekly Spine Line Round-up

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Subscribers of Singletrack Magazine (Yes, there’s a magazine) will be familiar by now of the random and seemingly bizarre sentences that appear on the spine of every issue. They are given without explanation and certainly no context. They just exist to stimulate the imagination but mostly to amuse ourselves. They have become a bit of a Singletrack trademark over the years and we even published a story about them in issue 50.

Our spine line spread from issue 50
Indeed, and who isn’t?

Well, each one is real. Yes, they genuinely are statements heard and written down by those of us who pass the time every day in the office. Sometimes it’s us and sometimes it’s visitors who end up being immortalised forever out of context in print. At the time the context is clear but by the time we come to print deadline that context will have either been completely forgotten or embellished into something much more interesting. They are the stuff of legends to come… of puzzled whispers in the pub. But more than that they are random and make is giggle.

Subs copies on the right vs newsstand copies left complete with spine lines.

As you can see from our official spine-line board we are reaching peak spine-line. It’s an almost daily occurrence that someone will shout ‘Spine Line! Write that down‘. But the problem is we only print six issues a year and unless they get used they don’t get erased from the board. So we thought we’d introduce you to three random spine-lines each week. Of course they will be presented without context, and admittedly mostly for our own amusement, but we are going to invite you lot to guess the context in which each was uttered and we will pick the best explanations and send the lucky guessers some random prize or other.

..whereas some of us now that fruit can be pretty darn dangerous in the wrong hands

As an example, here’s one that is probably too long for the magazine spine.

‘I can’t go on camera with Wil, we’ve both got shit hair!

This one we can put down to our golden locked social media guru, Andi who was clearly having a bad hair day when he was scheduled to go live on Facebook with Wil. Wil has not spoken to him since.

To kick things off we are offering three t-shirts for the best explanations of these very real spine lines from our board. Put your entries in the comments below or look for our spine-line posts on Twitter and Instagram. We should probably make up a witty hashtag or something – feel free to suggest.

“It’s like cabbage, only digital”

“The acceptable face of tofu”

“You’re the long and slack of the fashion world”

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