Sea Otter 2018: New Gadgets From Lezyne

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Lezyne always launches a load of new stuff at the Sea Otter and 2018 was no different. Concentrating on its core products of pumps, tools and lights, there was plenty to see…

Not everyone (ahem) can see those teeny tiny pump gauges, so Lezyne’s latest Floor Drive pump has an extra large dial for better visibility. It also has a hollow handle that stores a tool in one side and tyre levers in the other.

Big dial!
There’s even a football valve stored on the base below the dial
The handle hides tyre levers
…and a tool.

Something that showed a clever bit of integration was the way that this light integrates into this Pivot Shuttle e-bike. The light takes its power from the bike’s battery, meaning that the head unit can  be made reasonably small and light. Clever.

Lezyne is working on integrating all the different battery systems
Talking of lights, how about Lezyne’s mount that uses your stem bolts to keep things simple?

More integration – Lezyne offers a stem mount for lights, or GPS units that mounts to your stem. Using the stem’s own mounting plate and some longer bolts, the rotatable mounts adjust to nearly all stem models.

Integration of lights or GPS or GoPro into the stem.

Lezyne has also been working on smaller tools that either fit in a pocket or velcro to the seatpost or stem/toptube wherever… This includes the little pill-shaped tubeless tyre plugger.

This pill contains the tool and a packet of spare plugs. Rattle free.
The viscious-looking tool then screws back into the lid of the tool to form a handle.
There is also a bottle cage backing plate that will carry your race-day CO2 needs
Lezyne is also integrating Presta tools into its tools – and there’s a chain-link

The Leyzne Storage Drive sits in a small, Velcro-backed sheath that deploys to reveal a set of hex tools hidden in the Sooty’s Magic Wand-looking handle and a driver.

Neato storage
Should be enough to get you going again

For the more complete adventurer, there’s a T-Drive tool that comes in a zippered pouch that offers a full range of magnetic hex tools and a T-bar handle that screws together.

Ready for action…
and ready for sleep again.

There will be all sorts of other stuff coming out this year from Lezyne, so stay tuned.

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