Scott Sports Warns Scam Sites: We Will Sue You

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While fake goods and online scams are nothing new, Scott Sports has today taken the step of issuing a press release warning buyers not to be fooled by scam sites, and promising ‘intense legal action’ against those behind the sites.

We’ve certainly seen the adverts for these sites pop up in our own social media feeds, so it’s perhaps no surprise that Scott says:

‘Fake online stores have been sweeping Social Media channels such as Facebook recently with increased intensity, promising discounts beyond 80% on a broad variety of SCOTT bikes. Sponsored ads lure potential customers to several fake shops, offering “too good to be true” deals. End Consumers who place orders and make payments on such fraudulent websites will never receive the ordered goods.’

Fake Scott sites often look similar to this. Don’t be fooled.

The press release continues:

‘SCOTT has been suing frauds for many years, but has undertaken a more intense legal action plan against providers of several domains now. “As an innovative brand, SCOTT is facing legal issues with product piracy and fake suppliers since quite a time. This is not something which is new at all. What is new indeed is the emerging number of well-organized Online Fake Shops with a criminal intent luring consumers to fraudulent websites which look quite authentic at first sight,” says Reto Aeschbacher, Brand Director of SCOTT.’

Scott urges buyers not to be fooled by ‘too good to be true’ offers, and to ensure they’re buying only from official Scott dealers, who can be found with the Scott Dealer Locator on the brand’s official website As well as very low prices and huge discounts, the fake sites tend to make no distinction between bike models (whereas the official Scott site gives mountain, gravel, road etc options).

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