Production Privée Launches Ultra Limited Edition Shan No5

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Production Privée has announced another race inspired colour for its popular full suspension frame, the Shan No5 917.

Those of you who have kept an eye on Production Privée will already know that the Andorran brand likes to release its steel frames in paint jobs that are inspired by cars from the 70’s.

The Shan GT which we Andi reviewed last year was finished in red and black based on the Porsche 935, and also comes in a black and white option similar to the JPS Lotus Esprit, while the original Shan came in Gulf racing colours found on Le Man’s cars of yesteryear.

Production Privee Shan no 5
Wow, number 00 how cool would it be to own this one?

That blue and orange combo instantly became a firm favourite with fans of Production Privée and so the company has revealed that it will be coming back on the Shan No5 in ultra-limited numbers.

Only 58 of these Porsche 917 inspired frames will be made and each will be individually numbered just like the original Bahama yellow Shan No5 released last year.

Production Privee Shan no 5
Frame only options start from 1299 Euros

The all steel frame will be available as a frame only from 1299€ (without shock), as a rolling chassis complete with Canecreek suspension for 2999€ while complete bikes can be purchased from 3699€.

These lower prices are only offered on orders made before 20th April, so if you fancy one of these special edition bikes you need to get your order in ASAP.

Production Privee Shan no 5
Complete bikes come with Canecreek suspension front and rear
Production Privee Shan no 5
Some really sweet details on this full steel frame

Here’s a little more info from Production Privée on the new bike;

The car and its emblematic livery made mythical by the movie Le Mans and Steve McQueen is back, and this time, on our Shan nº5. Limited to 58 frames, this version of Shan nº5 is numbered as usual.
To do Steve and the iconic car honour, we went for suspensions built for racing: a Cane Creek Combo with an Helm fork and a Double Barrel Air CS shock.
If the Shan nº5 was already an excellent performer, reliable and fun, this suspension combo combined with our CrMo 4130 chassis brings a crazy amount of control that’s rarely seen on any other bike. The making of the 917 GT1 has now evolved into a true war machine.
An enduro race, a day at the bike park or battle a between friends for bragging rights? Our bikes motto remains the same, the Shan nº5 is ready for anything, but at high speed and we mean really high speed… it shines!

The Shan nº917 is available in complete bikes from 3699€ with Canecreek suspensions combo, Flow no-tubes wheelset, GX Eagle 1x12s drive train.
As well as available in Rolling chassis from 2999€ (Including Frame, Canecreek rear shock and Forks, Flow no-tubes wheelset, PP cockpit, Revive dropper seat post and SDG saddle.
Frame kit start from 1299€.

This numbered production will delivered from the end of April and all the riders wanting to order before April 20th will benefit from a advantageous price.

More info can be found over on the Production Privée website.

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