Could this be the most adjustable dropper post ever?

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OneUp Components is used to causing trouble and doing things a little differently. For proof, just see its cassette expander cogs or that clever EDC tool – a compact integrated multi-tool that slots into a hollow fork steerer tube.

OneUp has now turned its engineering focus to the dropper post. Specifically trying to solve a few problems that people have with existing droppers – particularly with getting them to fit.

Something we’ve found in the office is that, while longer droppers are fantastic for letting you move around the bike more when dropped, a longer drop doesn’t always fit in with your minimum distance between the top of the seat tube and your saddle. Every now and then we’ll get a test bike in the office that has a nice and long 150-170mm travel dropper post, but even with the post’s collar slammed down as far as it’ll go, the saddle height is still too tall.

At that point, you basically have to rip that post out and swap it for a shorter stroke post.

Full mast.

The other scenario that we’ve heard of is people ordering a new dropper post online, only to receive it and find that the inside of the frame’s seat tube is limited for insertion depth. So all though the post would have theoretically fit, a small bend in the seat tube or a suspension pivot limits the drop, basically reducing how far the post can sit inside the frame. That pretty much renders the post as useless to you.

Travel adjust shim going in

To solve this compatibility annoyance, OneUp’s new dropper post promises an adjustable amount of drop. And not just 170mm or 150mm, but if you want a 143mm drop, then you can tune that in – with the post still fitted to the bike. Great for people who want the maximum drop, but are between the 25mm increments of other companies.

There will be two travel options from OneUp for its imaginatively named ‘Dropper Post’:

  • 170mm travel – adjustable down to 120mm
  • 150mm travel – adjustable down to 100mm

Here’s another big selling point – OneUp also promise the shortest minimum insertion of any brand too, with the 150mm post measuring just 187mm from collar to rail.

Simple as that apparently.
The OneUp signature green had to be in there somewhere…

The post is cable operated, with the cable clamping at the (correct!) handlebar end and using a neat thumb lever that’s a lot more inboard than other levers, yet still Shimano I-spec or SRAM Matchmaker compatible. This is to keep your hands gripping the bars better. OneUp reckons it mimics your shifter’s inboard upshift paddle position instead of the usual downshift paddle position of most remotes. This position requires considerably less thumb movement to reach the lever. The 32g remote is made from carbon and has an oversize bearing for a smoother action.

UK pricing is a not exhorbitant £198.50, which includes the nicely designed under bar remote and free shipping worldwide. OneUp has a UK warehouse, so the posts are shipped without any extra customs surprises in store.

Post £159 on its own is £159 and the remote is £39.50 (includes cable, housing and either I-Spec-II, MatchMaker X or bar clamp).

And if you don’t have SRAM or Shimano brake levers, there’s an old fashioned bar clamp too.
OneUp promises less thumb movement to get to the shifter in the first place.

OneUp Dropper Post Features

  • Drop: 170mm (tuneable to 120mm), 150mm (tuneable to 100mm)
  • Replaceable cartridge design
  • Diameters: 30.9mm & 31.6mm
  • Internal routing only
  • Weight Post, remote, housing and cable from 595g (150 x 30.9mm).
  • Remote from 32g (I-spec II)
  • Stack Height (collar to rail): 170mm = 207mm, 150mm = 187mm
  • Effective Length (total length without actuator): 170 = 450mm, 150 = 410mm
  • Min Insertion: 170 = 110mm, 150 = 90mm
  • RRP: £159 – £198
Happy thumb.
Narrow collar helps with low stack height.

The posts are in stock now (though the shims will be available in mid-May)

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    Looks good that. Price is reasonable too.

    Looks and sounds nice, especially at the price.
    Whoever chose the click-bait title should check out the 9point8 fall line seatpost. Available with up to 200mm of drop, and infinitely adjustable for drop / length.

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