Monday Debrief 118 – Notes from another planet

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We signed up to an early deal with Elon Musk and this Monday’s Debrief comes to you from Uranus. We’ve been out exploring and the terrain is pretty hostile.

Beautiful, but inhospitable.

Tests are being carried out to determine if these are possibly carvings depicting lifeforms from this frozen planet, although to date no living creatures have been identified. Which is probably just as well as these guys look pretty scary.

So many faces.

Our food supplies are dwindling, luckily the trails are filled with meringue.

Italian or French?

In our excitement at getting to be the first mountain bike magazine in space, we got a bit over excited and forgot to pack our tent. Luckily we have managed to burrow into the planet’s surface to shelter from the wind.

The Airbnb standards are a bit low here.

Wil was still deciding which outfit to pack (he couldn’t find the right shoe/sock/glove combo) so missed the launch to Uranus. Instead, he’s off on a secret bike launch in Ainsa, Spain. Which looks somewhat more hospitable than our own frozen locale.

Wil Ainsa
There are so many colours. We had forgotten there was more than grey in the world.

Wil has endeared himself to us by sending us this report:

Been over in Ainsa in the Pyrenees on a secret bike launch. Had 2 days of trail riding, and a day of shuttling on some of the best singletrack I’ve ever ridden in my life. Totally bummed that I’ve been missing out on all the snow back in the UK 🙂

Wil Ainsa
The correct way to search for trails.

To be honest, we’re not sure this Uranus thing is going to work out. There is no Greggs, and the coffee is rubbish.

Normal service will be resumed next week.

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