How we survived the snowpocalypse and made it to Monday!

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BANG! It’s not just Monday, it’s March! Flip. For anyone who has just had an extended weekend of sledging and snow fun, this is probably not feeling like too bad a Monday. Since everyone else was off too, the email is not quite so overflowing as usual and there’s now plenty of opportunity to share tales of epic drifts and slippery roads over the water cooler. Camaraderie all round and warm cockles.

Before we gambol into this new week like happy spring lambs, let us take a look back at our extended weekend of wintery fun.

Snowboarding makes you look cool.

Amanda made all my dreams come true by bringing along a snowboard for me to have a go on. Apparently me whizzing along in a straight line down the hill is highly amusing. To be honest, in my thermal sledging/marshalling onesie, I’d laugh at me too.

No riding for Amanda this weekend.

Since I had Amanda’s snowboard, and her bike riding partner was injured, Amanda was forced to take to her feet and go for a walk. She found what might be a prehistoric representation of a fish.

Andi nearly ran over his camera.

Chipps started building another frame at Downland Cycles. He’s posting a video on our Facebook Page each day so you can admire his handy work.

Though if it’s actual craft and skill you want to see, you might be best checking in on Beate’s efforts instead:

As a super special treat and out of concern for our welfare, we were allowed to do the Friday broadcast The studio was so cold that none of the battery operated kit would function so the Friday broadcast came from the staff kitchen instead of our studio. Unfortunately the kitchen turned out to be so warm that Wil took off some of his clothes. We’ll be back in the studio this week.

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