Possibly the most painful MTB video we’ve seen – and there’s not even a crash!

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We just stumbled across this and it’s pretty painful. For the first 30 seconds you’ll probably have a snigger at the outfits, and the bikes. And then maybe the outfits again. Keep going, and you’ll have a bit of a giggle at the acting too. Keep going, and you’ll start to wince a little, as you sit through it for another retake. The camera work will have you biting your nails.

When your co-host is biting their bottom lip, things are not going well.

If you like drawn out awkward humour, this might tickle you. We’re torn between it being too awful to watch, and too awful to miss.

If you’ve ever made or attempted to make a video, then you’ll probably watch this hoping that your bloopers never see the light of day. Indeed, there may be some final cuts that you hope don’t make it out there either.

Because it’s only right that we laugh at ourselves as well as others, here’s a few of our own…

If anyone knows what a ‘seat sausage’ is, we’d be happy to know.

Ollie knows nothing about bikes, but is very good at talking fluently to camera. Maybe we could do some kind of Chipps/Ollie mind meld and end up with another Wil?

Talking of Wil, he is a natural in front of the camera. A true professional. Here he is, retaining professionalism in the face of adversity. We’d like to reassure viewers that his shoulder is OK, and not as badly injured as the last time he dislocated it. Which was, conveniently, also on camera.

We’ll complete the fun at our own expense with Hannah falling off. Here’s an early episode – her first ride clipped in off road.

And not clipped in, but still falling off, here’s Hannah again.

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