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How interesting was your last work email? Did you open it with dread? Did you care about the outcome of the last meeting you were in? Are you spending your weekends worrying about delivering a project that you really couldn’t care less about?

Maybe it’s time for a change.

In Issue 117 of Singletrack, we talk to a few people in the industry who have quit their jobs and moved into mountain biking. It’s hitting the shelves on Thursday, or you can order a copy here.

Your new employer?

As luck would have it, there’s a pretty amazing sounding job available right now – working for the Forestry Commission as a Programme Manager to deliver projects to make the Glentress Trails as good as they possibly can be.

No trail digging experience is necessary – in fact the job requirements don’t even mention a love of bikes. Instead, they’re looking for people with a proven track record in delivering projects, people with project management qualifications, and experience of dull stuff like budget monitoring.

Imagine, all those skills and energy you’re expending on delivering that new IT system, or that roll out of new office furniture and hot-desking policy, or the implementation of a new internet forum…imagine putting all that effort into something you could really care about. Something you could ride on at weekends and think ‘I made that happen’…

If that sounds like something you’d like to look into, then head over here for details on how to apply.

Could you help shape this destination?

And if Glentress is just a bit too far from home, or your skills lie outside being organised, then why not pick up a copy of Singletrack Issue 117 and see if you can picture yourself turning your hobby into a job?

Issue 117
Grab a copy of Issue 117 and get inspired.
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