Sofa vs Slop: Which Won This Weekend? Monday Morning Debrief 113

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Hello there Monday Morning Fans! Springing into another week with a whoop and a cheer! Another weekend is behind us and we can all look forward to five days of glorious work.

Before we get ahead of ourselves too far and get too excited about the contents of our inbox and the meetings that await us – perhaps there’s even a team building away day complete with role play and trust games to brighten your week – let us look back to the weekend.

A combination of nursing a neck injury and child herding meant I didn’t venture out on a bike this weekend, but I was back on the cycle commute again this morning in some joyous conditions. Head here if you can’t see the video below.

Chipps was out in the lovely wind over the weekend. Enough wind to take your breath away, not enough wind to dry everything out:

Saturday’s weather looked horrible enough to skip riding, so we redoubled our efforts to get out on Sunday. Aided by newish mountain biking neighbour Rob, who was keen to explore some of the riding in the neighbourhood, we headed up and west, to the crest of the hills where we could see the delights of Rochdale and Oldham laid out below us, while being whipped by 30mph winds.

Trails were wet enough, and wind windy enough, that descending was more of a ‘big picture’ effort, than pinpoint precision. Steering with your hips was definitely the way to go. It turned out to be a great afternoon out and well worth braving a bit of weather.

Chipps wet mud ride
A relatively dry bit.

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Here’s a little hilltop video I make every month for a friend in California to ‘explain’ the weather. I think I say ‘bring on Spring’ but the rest is lost 😊

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Andi and Ross took Friday off work to go and ride bikes at Revolution Bike Park. Skivers.

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Production Privée Shan No5 at Revolution Bike Park!! Don't know what the fuck @rossdemain1 is doing in the background… . . @productionprivee @revolutionbikeparkracing . . #singletrackmag #productionprivee #shanno5 #steelisreal #mtb #dvosuspension #bikeporn #downhill #mountainbiking

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While Ross and Andi were away playing, Chipps and Amanda were also playing out on bikes. Luckily they made it back in time to join Hannah on the Singletrack sofa for our usual unscripted, unrehearsed but entirely professional waffle session:

Enough of that looking back! Let us look forward to the week ahead – what do you have in store?

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