Found: The Chaintamer Aims To Quieten That Chain Slap & Protect Your Frame

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Here’s an interesting little product we’ve just spotted online. It’s called the Chaintamer, and its purpose in life is to quieten down chain slap in order to protect your frame, while also improving chain retention.

Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the Chaintamer uses a round plastic guide that encloses the chain about midway along the chainstay tube. This little guide isn’t fixed though – it’s designed to move up and down a stainless steel rail as you change gears on the cassette. Because of the friction between the chain guide and the steel rails, the Chaintamer has a ‘damping’ effect to deaden chain bounce.

The whole device mounts onto your chainstay via a rubber block that is cable tied in place. We’re not 100% sure what the ‘flexible chain guide’ is made of, but we’ve inquired with Chaintamer and will update this article once we have the answer.

chaintamer chain drivetrain
The Chaintamer uses a small chain guide that moves vertically on a steel rail.

There are various products that are also designed to capture the chain (such as the Bionicon C-Guide), but these types of guides are mounted underneath the chainstay – not on top of it like the Chaintamer. Thanks to the advent of clutch-equipped rear derailleurs though, generally speaking, chain bounce along the lower section of chain is less of an issue than it used to be in the non-clutch days, because the rear derailleur cage is better at keeping the chain tight down below.

As you shift gears on the cassette, the Chaintamer moves up and down with the chain.

Along that top section of chain that floats between the cassette and the chainring however, there is still an opportunity for the chain to bounce its own boogie. This movement can potentially cause slap against the chainstay, or if it’s really bad, it can even cause the chain to slip down the cassette sprockets, or derail completely.

To show what that looks like, here’s a video – as presented by Chaintamer to show that chain slap both without and with the Chaintamer fitted;

And here’s the word direct from Chaintamer;

The ultimate device to prevent chain slap, reduce chances of the chain dropping and protect your chainstays. Get rid of those ugly inner-tube wraps, the greasy chainstay-socks and the torn insulation tape, the Chaintamer is here to turn your bike into a ninja. No-one will hear you coming.

And another video to show it in action with the intriguing HXR crankset;

The Chaintamer is selling for £20, and is available in a range of sizes, depending on how high your chain sits above the chainstay. For more information, you can check out the Chaintamer website, or get in touch with the UK distributor.

So, what do you guys think? Is this an ingenious product that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for? Or do you see no need for it on your bike? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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    Hmmm no video of it stopping a chain moving trough impacts.

    If it does the job of retaining a chain why have the two bikes above got other chain devices fitted?

    How is a chain constantly rubbing on a plastic tube when pedaling meant to be quiet?

    Does anyone think that is less ugly than other chainstay protectors?

    Mud, branch, heel magnet. I thought these types of ‘solutions’ were confined to the 1990’s?

    your both wrong, ive had one for 6 months or so, it does exactly what it claims to do and i dont even notice its there.

    So exactly the same as the Bionicon device but on top of the chainstay and a worse position and more prone to heel strikes or just “being in the way” ?

    seems to sit in the same place as the cadence sensor on my road and gravel bike, and that doesn’t get heel strikes. In fact, it’s in the same place as the chain, obviously, and I don’t find that fouling on my heels.

    How does it affect chainline though, or does the steel guide the tube runs up and down flex enough (maybe the rubber mount flexes?) to prevent that affecting it.

    Mastic tape is cheaper and looks better.

    Does people have problems with jumping chains? What are you doing to get those problems?

    The reason that there are lots of devices below the chain stay and (until this) none above is that if an under device hits the spokes, it’ll get bounced out again. On top, it’ll get sucked into the spokes, as the only was it can pivot at that point is in. Bad times shortly follow…

    I’ve also never ridden one (like the majority above) but I like the idea.
    looks like it will do a proper job.
    not worried about heel strikes or it hitting the spokes as my chain never does that. it does however hit the chainstay on occasion. I have a rubber built in frame protector, but it still sometimes hits beyond this.
    maybe this would help that annoying phenomenon.

    Have had one no both my bike for 3 months now & it stops chain slap on my spicy & nomad,
    no rubbing just clean it when u clean my chain & have had no problems at all..
    just works & cost less then a new chain 🙂
    #getone #works #cheap #quiat

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