Win This And Start Winning Races! Kinetic Trainer Bundle up for grabs in our final Giveaway!

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It’s the final day of our Advent Giveaway – just the Mega Sack left to be drawn next week – so this is your final chance to win a daily prize and get your entry in for that Mega Sack, which contains one of everything we’ve given away, including today’s prize. And today’s price is a proper whopper! Let’s check it out:

Kinetic Smart Power Road Machine Training Pack

Indoor training made fun!

The final prize of our giveaway! And this is truly ending on a high note, because this is everything you could need to get some proper training done. You could win this full set from Kinetic including the Trainer, a trainer mat, a riser ring and a Heart Rate Strap as well as a Premium 6 month Subscription of the Kinetic Fit app. For anyone who has previously tried a ye olde style turbo trainer, this will be quite the different experience. Using Kinetic’s ‘Traxles’, Thru Axle Adaptors will make almost any bike fit this trainer – and the drop down menu of leading brands and models makes choosing the right size a doddle.

The flywheel is quiet, and the resistance is controlled through an app to simulate everything from rolling hills to alpine climbs – and team it up with the Kinetic Fit power training app that will be included in your prize and you’ll struggle to be bored as you pedal your way to fitness. Strap on the Heart Rate strap for even more accurate training and monitoring of your progress – as well as the Kinetic Fit app, the strap is compatible with a range of other fitness apps.

The riser ring lets you set the bike at whatever angle you require – perhaps an angle to simulate climbing – and the floor mat catches all that sweat you’ll be shedding, plus reduces any vibrations to keep your pain sessions quiet.

Training on this you’ll definitely get fit, and even better, your best mountain bike need not get ground down with grit in the winter months. In fact, will you ever want to ride outside again?


Watch the video to reveal a discount code for that will give you 20% of any Kinetic products for the next two weeks! The code expires on 5th January, so don’t leave your Christmas overindulgence regret too long – watch the video, and enter the Kinetic discount code at the checkout for 20% off everything.

To enter the prize draw for this prize AND the Mega Sack, all you need to do is watch this video carefully, and answer this question:

  • What method of air travel does Wil wave around in this video?

Good Luck!

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The compition has ended

Simple! Do that, and not only will we enter you in the draw to win today’s gift giveaway, but we’ll also give you one entry into the Mega Sack Of Joy giveaway – this is a box containing one of everything we give away each day. It’s a big box! As a bonus prize, whoever wins the Mega Sack Of Joy will have the option of joining us here for a day of coffee, riding, coffee, tea, fish and chips, and maybe even a cheeky beer. Because the Mega Sack Of Joy is going to be such a monster, we’re going to have to restrict the entries to this to those with a UK delivery address, or to anyone who is prepared to come along to Singletrack Towers and visit us for the day and collect it. Today’s daily prize is open to those who can provide a UK postal address.

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Hannah Dobson

Hannah came to Singletrack having decided there must be more to life than meetings. Having worked in policy and project management roles at the Scottish Parliament and in local government, Hannah had organisational skills that SIngletrack needed. She also likes bikes, and likes to write.

Hannah likes all bikes, but especially unusual ones. If it’s a bit odd, or a bit niche, or made of metal, she’s probably going to get excited. If it gets her down some steep stuff, all the better. She’ll give most things a go once, she tries not to say no to anything on a bike, unless she really thinks it’s going to hurt. She’s pretty good with steri-strips.

More than bikes, Hannah likes what bikes do. She thinks that they link people and places; that cycling creates a connection between us and our environment; bikes create communities; deliver freedom; bring joy; and improve fitness. They're environmentally friendly and create friendly environments.

Hannah tries to write about all these things in the hope that others might discover the joy of bikes too.

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