Want To Ride A Star Wars Speeder Bike For Real? Well You Can’t, But Here’s The Next Best Thing

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There’s something in the air this week. What could it be? We think it’s something to do with brand new Lepin STAR WNRS toys launching. Or perhaps it’s the old Electric Space Swords (available in Lidl, apparently). Or perhaps they’ve found something even less dignified than an R2D2 pedal bin. We dunno.

Whatever it is everyone’s so excited about, here’s some fine related video-pokery from Australia. We may not have actual speeder bikes yet, but mountain bikes are obviously the next best thing. Some bright rider put a vintage Star Wars speeder bike toy on his handlebars, with an action cam mounted on it. Back in the day, when many of us here in the office owned one of these toys, the idea of a video camera small enough to mount on one seemed like an absurd fantasy. We’d have more readily believed in tiny magical micro-organisms…

Here’s Episode II of this MTB/speeder bike crossover. There is an Episode I, but it’s not as good as II. The rider has much better aim than the average Stormtrooper, and doesn’t crash into a tree then die in a fiery explosion even once. The video also has much more relaxed music on top, which we reckon is what all Stormtroopers are listening to 24/7 inside those helmets.

(No video? How about a link instead then?).

“Star Wars Speeder Biking is the new videos from The Mad Track Brothers. Vintage Star Wars Speeder Bike with GoPro type SJcam M20 mounted on a Specialized Enduro mountain bike. Going down black diamond mountain bike (mtb) tracks in a point of view (pov) chest cam style. Filmed in various location like You Yangs in Australia.

“MUSIC Topher Mohr and Alex Elena – “Giant Leap”

“ABOUT US The Mad Track Brothers make incredible tracks for miniature toy cars such as Darda and Hot Wheels, creating movies showcasing the ultimate in jumps, loops, races, chases and sometimes crashes. We do it for the love of toy car tracks from our youth, when we dreamt of the possibilities, and now sharing this with the next generation. Thank you, and if you enjoyed it please share it and subscribe to our page!”

If we ever invent them for real, the biggest effect speeder bikes will have on the world is to eliminate “what tyres for…?” forum threads.

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    Frankly, that’s awful. I’d like to see episode 1, just because I can’t conceive of a worse mtbing video.

    Merry Christmas, vinneyeh!

    I’m with Vinnyeh, it’s not good.

    It’s not even remotely like star wars, star wars without laser blasters?

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