Video: Vincent Tupin In The Snow at Chatel Bikepark

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This is a rather gobsmacking little bit of video from Vincent Tupin. Not only is he riding Chatel Bikepark in the snow, but, while not exactly riding it blind, you can see by the lack of tyre marks he’s riding most of it fresh. At many points in the video he’s also going sideways, which with a wide angle as wide as you get on most action cams, takes quite a bit of doing to make it show so obviously – he was really going sideways.

It’s not even the foot or so of snow it’d take to create soft landings, just enough to make everything slippery. He has a little lie down near the end and, on a second watch through trying to spot the edits, we suspect there might have been more than one such occasion. Still, all the pros you see riding perfectly in videos practice features and crash a lot… not many of them try wooden features in the freezing cold though. For those of you who are curious, the trail is named Air Voltage.

(No video? Howsabout a link then?)

Vincent Tupin - snow
Note the complete lack of previous tyre treads before he sends this.
Vincent Tupin in the snow
…and then of course he rides a curved one.