Trans Madeira: New Event For 2018

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Registration will open on 15th December for this new event in Madeira. It’s been a popular location for promotional videos, and this year hosted a round of the EWS. Every time we’ve seen the trails and scenery we’ve ooh-ed and ah-ed, so for the 100 riders that get a place on this event we imagine there’s some pretty sweet trails waiting for them.

Here’s the teaser provide by the event organisers:

Trans Madeira
Image Credit: Antonio Abreu
Trans Madeira
Image Credit: Antonio Abreu

And here’s what the organisers have to say about the event:

Trans Madeira is a multi-day multi-stage enduro mountain bike adventure that will get the best out of you, scheduled from 5th to 9th of June 2018. Five days of racing, more than 200km covered, more than 25 special stages, limited to 100 riders. East to
west, north to south, all four corners of Madeira in one unique event – by the way, that’s why our logo has four different kinds of mountains. You can expect to ride different kinds of terrains and explore unique singletracks in a bike camp adventure style race with no transition times but with cut-off times.

Trans Madeira
Four mountains for four corners of the island – and different terrain.

We’ll be inviting some of the fastest riders on the planet – most of them came in May for the Enduro World Series Madeira and already know what to expect. During the EWS, racers pretty much just experienced how it feels to ride on the East side of Madeira, which particularly known for having steep and deep in the woods trails. If you explore the rest of the island, you’ll see that variety is the word in use. From tropical rain forests to open dry fields, this race is special in that way as riders will have to adapt quickly to each new single day. From the terrain, to steepness, to the technical aspects, these five days will crown an all-around enduro racer – that can also race ‘blind’!

Image Credit: Sven Martin
Trans Madeira
Image Credit: Jacob Gibbins

Stages are set to have a bit of everything. There will be some long and challenging trails but expect most to be fun, fast and flowy top to bottom. There will be hike-a-bike transitions as well. You’re up for an adventure of a lifetime.

Trans Madeira
Image Credit: Sven Martin
Image Credit: Sven Martin

There’s just one race package, 1490€, that includes :

  • Six nights accommodation: Individual five nights tent, one night in a four stars hotel
  • Three meals per day: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Airport transfers: Arrival and departure from FNC Airport
  • Race insurance: Hopefully no one will need to use this one
  • Media content: Access to daily media content produced during the event
  • All logistics: Baggage, bike box transportation and occasional shuttle
  • Events swag: Gifts from our sponsors and from the event
  • Prize money: The three fastest overall take money home
  • Custom number plate

If you think you need this event in your life, head over here for more information and to register.

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