Singletrack Magazine Issue 116: Talking Trickstuff

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Team Singletrack caught up with German precision engineering company Trickstuff this summer, in its hidden factory deep in a German housing estate. 

Words Hannah and Wil Photography James Vincent

We’re not the first to follow the ‘Trickstuff’ signs off the main thoroughfare into the residential side street – others before us have followed them in search of top hats, magic wands, and loaded decks of cards. While those expecting a magic shop may have been disappointed, we will not be – what is contained within this building is every bit as fascinating as any magic show. Surrounded by affluent-looking homes with sunloungers on terraces, it might seem like a funny location for the HQ of a bike company, but Klaus, the owner of Trickstuff, says he likes the natural security of being in a residential area. Stepping inside and meeting the team, we also suspect that the pace of life here in the side streets is a far better match than some industrial zone on the edge of town. As we’ll discover, Trickstuff brings together German engineering and precision, but with an approach to life and happiness that might be considered much more Mediterranean.

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