Monday Debrief 108

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Flippin’ ‘eck it’s Monday. How did that happen? If your weekend was anything like mine, you may have had a Christmas related panic, and frantically driven to the shops to buy presents for some people you’ll be seeing next weekend, and some other people who live In A Country Far Away, whose presents and cards should have been posted some time in late September.

Hopefully however you got to the shops with your wallet. I however did not. Meaning I had to drive home again, then back to the shops again. Two of my least favourite activities: driving and shopping. Followed by an attempt at festive feeling generation with a family craft session. It did not end well. Froebel Stars were not forthcoming.

Craft cursing stars
Poetry? Pfft. Plenty of colourful language though.
Endura MT500 Overshoe
Do my feet look big in these?

I did manage to get out for a quick play on the new Bird Zero AM Boost, not to test the Bird (because someone else will be doing that), but to test the Endura overshoes that fit over flat pedal shoes. Review to come soon…

Chipps, possibly assisted by having spent two days being very cold on our outdoor first aid course, spent the weekend of the bike:

I’m afraid I’ve not touched a bike all weekend. Spent yesterday looking out the window and going ‘Meh’ – though it didn’t look that bad to be honest… 

And today was jetwashing, (note the comma) Beate’s parents, pub lunch and jetwashing… 

So what was he jetwashing, we wonder? Surely not sheep? Though one of them does look particularly white and fluffy.

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Barry never misses the chance for some head-in-bucket snacking while Molly has her back turned. #lambsofinstagram

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Wil was feeling rejuvenated after a few days of holiday:

Following a few blissful days of holiday involving absolutely nothing to do with bikes, I decided to check out the trails at Whinlatter for the first time. I rode the North Red loop first, then the South Red loop, and then the blue, after I’d been given some advice by a Lake District local. It took me just under 2 hours to get around the whole way, and the singletrack was dead brilliant! Fantastic technical sections on some of the climbs, superb views over Grisedale Pike, and some ripping descents of both the natural and flowy-built variety. It was a clear and sunny-ish day, but with temperatures close to freezing, I had some dicey moments riding over patches of slippery ice, which certainly kept me on my toes!

Ice Wil Debrief
What tyres for…

Where did the weekend go? Was yours any more adventurous than ours? (To be fair, it wouldn’t take much…).

There was no Fresh Goods Friday live, thanks to us being out at Havok Bike Park doing some first aid scenarios. Story on that coming soon, but some of it was pretty realistic!

Smoke and bodies!

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