How Would You Build Yours? Specialized Offers 288 Options In Custom Program For Stumpjumper & Enduro Models

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Have you ever really liked the look of a new bike, but there was something on it that you knew you wanted to swap right away? Perhaps you really wanted the suspension package that comes on the top-of-the-range model, but with a different paint job and without the super high-end drivetrain and carbon wheels? Well, if a 2018 Specialized Stumpjumper or Enduro has been on your brain lately, then you’ll be very interested in this.

First launched in the US earlier this year, Specialized’s custom bike program is now available in the UK, and that means you can get your hands on a brand new Specialized Stumpjumper or Enduro that’s been custom built for you. You can select between 29in and 27.5in versions of each bike, with six unique frame colours on offer that you can only get through the custom program. There are two drivetrain options, the ability to spec carbon or alloy wheels, and no fewer than four suspension packages including two from RockShox, one from Fox and one from Ohlins.

All in, there is a total of 288 individual variations on offer – how’s that for options? And once you’ve worked out your dream build, the bike will be delivered within 60 days of purchase to your nearest Specialized dealer.

specialized stumpjumper enduro custom ohlins
There are new fewer than 288 options available in Specialized’s custom bike build program.

To go custom, or not to go custom? That is the question. Actually, that’s kind of a weird question, because who wouldn’t want a custom Enduro or Stumpjumper?

To get started, choose your favourite colour and then start personalising your build. You have six Roval wheel options available to you (29-inch and 27.5-inch), a veritable cornucopia of suspension choices that run the gamut from RockShox to full Öhlins packages and your choice of a Gold (SRAM X01 Eagle) or Silver (SRAM GX Eagle) component package. Get ready for the bike of your dreams—it’s just a few clicks away.” – From Specialized.

specialized enduro stumpjumper

It’s an interesting service from Specialized, and one that seems to offer the compromise between the convenience of purchasing online, while still collecting a bike through a Specialized dealership. Of course Trek has been offering its Project One custom bike builder for a good few years already, with a similar setup to Specialized where the end customer receives the bike through their local dealer.

There are plenty of small-to-medium sized brands, such as Orange, that offer a similar level of customisability with paint jobs and build kits. But for these bigger bike brands that operate through a traditional independent bike dealer network, this could prove to be an important point of difference against some of the direct-to-consumer brands such as Canyon, which as of yet don’t provide the ability to customise their bikes.

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    Oh great. Can I add 32-hole wheels with brass nipples? Ah, sadly not. I’m out.

    Nice idea.
    60 days? Hmmm.

    its cool cause you can have a slightly different version of the bike every single other person has

    very nice in the green, but then not available on the stumpjumper.



    … all of them so bad :p

    I must have been very, very unwell to EVER consider Spesh…


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