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Yay! It’s Friday! Not a Friday of any colour, just a random Friday in…wait…December? But that means it’s…December? We’re already nearly at the shortest day of the year, daylight will be with us again soon, there are surely only a few more weeks of this cold dark suffering ahead? December will sway by in a haze of food and drink only consumed once a year, January will be a lost month of good intentions probably foiled, and then February is practically spring. So let’s be cheerful. And on that positive note, before we leap ahead of ourselves into early 2018, let’s check out today’s Fresh Goods Friday…

Bird Zero AM Boost


Launched just last week, this bike is already setting hearts a flutter. Just look at it – any hardtail fan is surely going to get quite excited. This is the top of the range GX Eagle version, but complete bikes start at £1,374, and frame sets are available from £400.

Fly me to the trails upon your bright yellow bird.

We’ve got this super acid yellow version, which will be available soon. Available on their site now are blue and orange options, and a stealth black is to follow too.

Zero AM. Very very early in the morning?

For all the details on this, check out our launch story here.

Deuter Pulse 4 Exp

Bum bag, or waist pack?

With a claimed 2L capacity plus sleeve for a bottle, we’re going to find out if this pack gives us just enough room to carry the kit we all need on every ride. There are four separate zipped pockets – so you can keep you jelly babies away from your pies should you feel the need.

Pearl Izumi X-Alp Enduro V5

These shoes were made for walking (and pedalling)

An all mountain trail shoe designed to be comfortable for hike a bikes. Unusually for women’s shoes they come all the way up to a size 43 – perfect for our big footed Beate then. There’s also a men’s version of these, will a yellow sole.

USWE Airborne 2 Pack

Yes, it was very cold at STW this week. Brr.

Pictures cannot accurately portray just how BRIGHT PINK this pack is. It is however available in a variety of other colours, although the boys in the office are very keen on this one. With a 2L carrying capacity for kit, or less if you put the 1.6L bladder in, this is designed to hold just enough for rides up to 3 hours or so long. The elastic parachute style straps hold the bag still so it doesn’t wriggle around while you’re riding.

Single pocket for just what you need and no more.

Mars Protein Mix

  • Price: £37.99 for 800g
  • From: Madison
Behold the amazing strength of Hannah the Hulk!

If you’re watching what you eat after a ride and trying not to get home and devour a whole loaf of bread, this could be what you’re looking for. Mix it up with cold water for a Mars bar flavoured protein shake.

Alpkit Bags

  • Price: £27 (Enduro Pod), £65 (Medium Possum)
  • From: Alpkit
Blue whale and yellow submarine?

Made in the UK and available in six colours, the blue Enduro pod attaches to your top tube and is designed to be just big enough for a spare tube and the other repair kit you might need when enduro racing. Or indeed bike testing – our Wil is going to be using it to help him swap the essentials between his many test bikes. The yellow bag here is the Possum, in a size medium. Available in three different sizes, the Possum also comes in six different colours. Designed to carry your stuff on either a short trail ride, or as part of a bigger bike packing set up, it attaches to your frame with a series of Velcro straps. Also, made in the UK, it has a main pocket and a smaller side pocket, and designed to be waterproof.


A track pump with a maximum pressure of 160psi and both Presta and Schrader valve compatibility. Comes with Alpkit’s ‘3 year Alpine Bond’ guarantee. Given that valves seem to be one of the few standards to actually stay standard, that might actually come in handy.

  • Price: £6.50 1.5 litres-worth, including the spray bottle, £5 for just the pellets.
  • From: Guy Martin
For getting things proper clean. Wonder if it works on tea stained mugs?

Some TV stars produce fragrance lines just in time for Christmas, but Guy Martin has gone for launching a bike cleaner. Anyway, he’s not a TV star, he’s a truck mechanic, right? These wrapped pellets get mixed in with water (by your own fair hand, with your own water – saving postage and shipping) to create a cleaner you can wash your bike with (and presumably your truck, if you’ve got a really big squirter). Not to be confused with suppositories or dishwasher tabs.

Alrighty-tighty then. Let us proceed to the weekend. Since Wil is away on his holidays, this week’s tunes will feature actual instruments. And since we have a forum regular who is in hospital with a poorly toe, we’re going for a toe theme. Tom, this one’s for you, hope you’re up and dancing soon.

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    After Fresh Goods Friday the week is complete and the weekend begins. I am not sure that I suit a pink pack, but the bike is rather nice.

    “Given that valves seem to be one of the few standards to actually stay standard”

    Oh you had to say it didn’t you.

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