Video: Tito Tomasi – Aosta Valley Short Break

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We’re beginning to get used to managing the arrival of news from Tito Tomasi. The email arrives with a message along the lines of ‘Hey guys, here’s the news from my latest trip!’, and we open the .zip file.

Tree/drone/autumn standard.
Obligatory bike sponsor/mountain hut shot.

We reach for an extra nibble of chocolate, sigh a little, shuffle in our chairs and glance out of the window. Our view is not as good as Tito’s. Inevitably, the attached file opens and we’re faced with a collection of beautiful images that have us checking the price of flights to wherever he’s been. Dammit.

That’ll do.

And then there’s probably a little video too. Cruising improbably through a landscape that looks like the trip of a lifetime. Only this is, what, the third, fourth, fifth trip of a lifetime we’ve seen Tito having? Dammit again.

Blue sky autumn win.
Peak autumn.

The romance of his trips is only increased by his french-ified reports. Who can resist a bit of artfully lost in translation linguistic flourish?

So much empty.

Sigh. And sigh again. Maybe we need another comforting nibble of chocolate.

On top of the world!

Read on, for a Google translate update from Tito:

The month of November settles and with it the winter, his promises of cold, his white coat. But there is still a bit of time to enjoy the mountains with bicycles, to ride at high altitude and to play on the peaks.

Tito, back from Nepal, decides to take a tour of the Valle d’Aosta, to find landscapes of altitude and these special trails that are found near the peaks.

Join the adventure with your guide for a wonderful tour around Aosta. Tito, who was away for a few days, brings back a small video filmed in the heights just before the arrival of the snow.

Stoke is high.

Dammit. Notice how he just slips in that he’s just back from Nepal? What kind of karma cat is he that gets to have so many trips of a lifetime?

If you want to lead the way, we’ll follow, Tito.

As ever, those trails look so good. That landscape so empty. In fact, perhaps a little too empty. Surely Tito could use a few friends to ride with him, keep him company, and help with a bit of posing for photographs? Tito, you know where we are.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

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