Video: Mountain Biking Down Corbet’s Couloir

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It’s not unknown to see mountain bikers playing in the snow (such as in this crash-tastic Laurent Bourrelly video on Instagram), but this is a video with a difference. Not only are Cam McCaul, Casey Brown, and pro skier Tim Durtschi off piste, they’re going down Corbet’s Couloir, which is legendary among skiers and known as America’s most terrifying ski run. It has a large drop into the steep chute, then lots of rocky technical stuff… this is mountain bike freeride on ice:

(No video? Here’s a link).

Cam McCaul, Casey Brown and Tim Durtschi - Corbet's Couloir
Everyone who’s been on a skiing holiday realises those button drag-lifts are unpleasant, but they’re probably still much faster than this.
Cam McCaul and Casey Brown - Corbet's Couloir
The lengths people will go to just to escape the Megavalanche crowds.


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    Bike and ski, awesome! it must have been hire ski though.

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