Sheffield Ski Village To Receive £22.5m Redevelopment

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If you’re a fan of the outdoors (of course, you are) then you’ll already know that Sheffield is already quite a hotspot when it comes to getting out and being active.

Mountain biking is a big part of this with local trail group Ride Sheffield already successfully funding collaborating on and opening trails around Lady Cannings, Parkwood Springs and other locations, and now more trails are set to be dug.

wil lady cannings kona hei hei
Pro Wil-bows at Lady Cannings in Sheffield

Sheffield Council has revealed that Extreme, the same Extreme as Extreme TV, has been chosen to redevelop the old Ski Village. The £22.5m development will completely revive the Ski Village which was destroyed by a fire back in April 2012, although that hasn’t stopped people from skiing there (watch the video below).

The planned area for the Extreme Sports Centre will cover 48 acres including land at Parkwood Springs, and in addition to new ski, facilities will see more mountain bike trails put into the area.

An indoor skydiving centre, live music arena, and virtual reality hub could also be part of the redevelopment in addition to shops, restaurants, and new housing developments.

There are no details on when the centre will be fully open, but Extreme do expect the first phase to be complete and ready for the public by early 2019.

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  1. Lady Cannings was the UKs first crowdfunded trail. You’ve even published an article about it (not you personally, Andi). The council worked with BikeTrack who built the trails, as it is on council land, but the funding campaign was spearheaded by Ride Sheffield, our advocacy warriors! GoOutdoors also put sixty grand into the trails, which enabled Cooking on Gas to be completed. No disrespect intended to the Council who are helping, but credit where it’s due, eh?

  2. My above rant aside (got me very sidetracked), this is brilliant news for the city. The Ski Village was great in its heyday, it would be amazing if Extreme can pull this off. Plus it means we very well may get the likes of Nicolai Rogatkin paying a visit as a brand ambassador!

  3. Hi malv173, I’ve made a quick correction. It was a mistake and I’m certain Andi didn’t mean to give Ride Sheffield short shrift!

  4. This is only good news plus I’m only in Nottingham so it’s pretty dam close too. Well done to ALL THOSE involved 😉

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