Kickstarter: Five Bike, a 28lb ebike?

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There’s one thing that’s undeniable about ebikes: They tend to be pretty heavy, and the idea of getting stuck at the farthest point of a big loop with a dead battery is, to say the least, unappealing. Every company is trying to change that and make ebikes lighter, but until we make a massive breakthrough in battery tech and are able cram much more energy into the same amount of mass, the only way to achieve that is a change in design philosophy.

Five Bike - Kickstarter
While this is still a production prototype, there’s little on it that looks janky or work-in-progress. People sometimes start Kickstarter campaigns with far less.

Enter Five Bike, with their new 12.7Kg (28lb) ebike. It’s built around the same Fazua e-mtb system as the Focus Raven² (if you want to know how a bike with this drivetrain rides, you can read Mark’s riding impressions of the Raven² here). The Raven² has a claimed weight of 14.2kg, or 31.3lbs though, whereas using the same e-innards, the Five Bike has pared everything down to a claimed weight 1.5 kilos lower. The thing about the Fazua system is also that is has a separate battery, motor, and gearbox, and you can remove the motor and battery to ride it as a normal bike. Doing so sheds around 4Kg, which would bring the weight of the Five Bike down to around 9kg, or 20lbs.

Five Bike - Kickstarter
Here’s a render of the frame, also showing the Fazua e-bike system. That seatpost is part of the frame, and in photos appears to work with a kind of topper that holds the seat.

As you might expect given those numbers, it appears to be very much an XC oriented bike, being a carbon fibre hardtail with a short travel fork. As you’d also conclude from the not particularly common battery and motor system, it’s a custom designed frame rather than open mold (i.e. generic) frame, and they’ve used that opportunity to give it a few other unusual features too. The stem blends into the top tube in a way more often seen on bespoke frames, and the seat post is integrated into the frame – so if you go for this, it’s probably worth getting a bike fit before brandishing the hacksaw at it… measure twice, cut once, cut in very small increments if you’re uncertain.

Five Bike - Kickstarter
Sheet materials not included.

If those features aren’t enough of a hint as to the kind of bike it is, it also has a 70-degree head angle. See below for their video, a few images, and geometry. Five Bike are currently seeking funds on Kickstarter:

Five bike - geo
Here’s their 29er geometry.
Five bike - geo
And here’s the 27.5″.

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