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This week we have learnt that a working week is shorter than the time it takes a pair of avocados on a desk to ripen. You can bet your bum they will both be mush by Monday though. Good intentions of eating healthy things have been thwarted. And that’s doubly sad, since we were really looking to a good old avo’ and salsa feast, since the Singletrack Towers Tomato Plant has finally borne fruit.

Behold nature and its glorious bounty.

It is truly sad not to have any guacamole to go with what would surely have been the finest salsa for miles around.

Ah well. Maybe the two minute window of perfect avocado ripeness will happen on Friday afternoon, just in time for #DrinkBeerAtYourDeskFriday. We live in hope.

But in any event, before we can move on to beer and chips and dips, we must first proceed to Fresh Goods Friday. Onwards we go…

S-Works Carbon Mini Rise Bars

Ross testing the strength of the carbon.

Carbon bars in 31.8x750mm size with a 10mm rise, for attaching to your bike so you can steer it. Designed to be as tough as downhill bars, but at an XC weight, they’re also available in 720mm or 780mm wide versions.

Tougher than Ross.
See? Told you.

Polaris Pangea Jersey

For sure, I can fix your bike, just come a little closer.

Designed for the road, but almost certainly still functional for covering your body when off road too. Shoulders and tail have reflective patches on the rear, and there’s the classic three rear pockets for filling full of classic trail snacks, such as bananas, pies, and caviar. There’s also a zippered valuables pocket, for valuable things, like your keys, or your angina medication. You can also get this jersey in a grey/red colour scheme.

A slightly less disturbing view of David.

Polaris Horizon MTB Jersey

Workshop gnome.

Designed specifically for MTB (and will therefore definitely self destruct if taken on the road) this jersey has the words ‘Ride Often, Ride Far’ on the front – which is in fact Polaris’ company slogan. It’s a good aspiration to have, though we can admit there’s a fair amount of ‘ride often, ride as far as the pub’ going on round here. This jersey also has a zippered pocket at the rear for valuable things, like beer money.

Polaris Skyline Trail Gloves

Good for hands free sign language as well as hand protection.

Designed for spring to autumn riding, these have silicon printing on the synthetic leather palms, and Carbon Touch Technology so you can operate your phone without having to take the gloves off.

Culprit Covert Op Saddlebag With Tools

What’s inside?

This is actually a reward in an Indiegogo campaign for some clip on aero bars and stem with holds a Di2 battery. It’s a neat little saddlebag…

Neat things!

…complete with lots of tools, all tucked in their own little space.

Lots of things!

For your $65 you get a mini ratchet tool and a mini torque wrench with lots of Bits to fit them, a CO2 inflator head and holder, a rain cover, a chain breaker with spoke tool, a couple of tyre levers, a patch kit, and space to add a few more things of your own.

Innate Square Snacks

  • Price: £1.85 per packet
  • From: Innate
The healthy snack arena, where we fight to the death.

Air dried savoury vegetable snacks in a selection of flavours which this brand have designed to contribute to ‘a more imaginative and sensory euphoric solution to the healthy snacking arena’. Suitable for vegans, gluten free diets and palaeontologists.

The Helmetor

That logo has provoked much discussion. Is it a man with a big ‘tache?

Handy little hook thingies for hanging your helmet up.

Fix to the wall…

Available in a selection of colours, this is designed to hold your helmet neatly against the wall, so it won’t wiggle about like it does on a normal hook.

Like so! Ta-dah!

Trail Maps

  • Price: £15 (unframed), £40 (framed)
  • From: Trail Maps
Custom prints are also available

Want to be reminded of your favourite trail centre? Or your favourite trail names? Then these might be for you. Available framed or unframed, covering a whole range of different locations and even some big events, these maps have been created by a husband and wife team of riders who couldn’t find what they wanted to decorate their walls. So they made their own. A proportion of their profits are donated to volunteer trail maintenance groups, so you can help maintain the trails you love at the same time as decorating your house. Win!

A good selection of trail names there!

Sub In A Box With Free DVD!

Within is the latest edition of Singletrack magazine so the lucky recipient can get stuck straight in, reading about and gazing upon all things mountain bike also included is a gift card for a years subscription to Singletrack magazine both in print and digital. This super gift box is better than ever, it currently comes with a FREE copy of MOUNTAIN BIKING: The untold British Story (whilst stocks last)

For no particular reason other than we’re feeling chilled – the sun is shining, it’s Friday, there’s a weekend of nice weather forecast – here’s a tune from alt-J to see you on your way.

And because it’s Friday, it’s worth heading down the wormhole and losing yourself in YouTube for an extra few minutes and checking out the Fitzpleasure video, for a spot of mind boggling.

Apparently this is some kind of commentary on the brutality of urban life. So get out there on your bikes and into the countryside, the weekend starts here!


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