Who’s Faster – Mountain Bikers Or Road Riders?

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It’s the age old question isn’t it? Are we – the skilled riders of singletrack, the keepers of the forest, the adventurers of the wild – faster than our road dwelling comrades? Sure, those drop-bar wannabes might be a bit fitter, and they might go uphills a bit quicker, but when put to the test in both formats – who really is the quicker of the two?

As part of Madison Clothing’s 40th Birthday celebrations in 2017, the curious crew at Madison embarked on finding the answer to that question by pitching two of its quickest pro riders against each other to see who’s fastest against the clock. Those riders? That’d be Marc Beaumont from the Madison Saracen mountain bike team, and Tobyn Horton from the Madison Genesis road team – two riders who have considerable experience competing at the sport’s highest levels.

Lucky for us, Nico Turner was along to film all the action, and he’s put together this brilliant video for you to watch below. The road challenge is set on a tough climb that’s the highest mountain pass in North Wales, while the off-road bit is one of the trails at Revolution Bike Park. So; does the win go to the pro downhill mountain biker? Or the pro road cyclist? Watch below to find out!

Madison Saracen team rider Marc Beaumont takes on Madison Genesis team rider Tobyn Horton as they go head to head to answer the age old question – who’s faster, mountain bikers or road riders?

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Marc surely win’s the ‘pain face’ challenge.

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    To be fair, Tobyn is a pretty tidy downhiller !
    Wonder what Marc is like going down an alpine descent ? I’m a mtb downhiller but had the bejeeesus scared out of me trying to keep up with friends down off the Tourmalet couple of years ago..!
    Great Feature, respect everywhere !!.

    “To be fair, Tobyn is a pretty tidy downhiller !”
    Definately! Couple of large jumps at the end and tail whips. I think he was understating his experience a bit. 🙂

    So mountain bikers are faster on a mountain bike and road riders appear to be quicker on the road? Who’d have thought it. Good job that’s cleared up. Maybe they should have stuck them on something in the middle like, oh, I dunno, a cross bike?

    Exactly BWD – no conclusion there at all, though the video was great.
    Who cares who’s faster anyway – I think the ‘which is most fun?’ winner is pretty bleedin obvious..

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