Singletrack Magazine issue 115: Trail Hinter – Dartmoor

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TRAIL HUNTER EXPLORES those must-do RIDES that should be on every British mountain biker’s bucket list.

Words Tom Fenton

Photography Andy Heading

Tom Fenton heads to south-west England and the plentiful, but hard-won, delights of Dartmoor and a strong contender for his ‘best riding anywhere’ award.

Ever get a bit overwhelmed by choice in a restaurant? You quite fancy the pizza, but the burger looks good and whatever they’re having on the table over there smells delicious. You sit, paralysed by indecision and the waiter says he’ll come back to you and now everyone else has ordered and it’s your turn…

I get so overwhelmed in restaurants that I’ve turned vegetarian. This way, instead of ten options, I have two: chilli or risotto. I don’t like risotto, so my decision is made. Stress-free dining.

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