Sick Bicycle Co. Launch Grizzly Wülf and Wülfbaron Frames

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Sick Bicycles first came to attention back in May, after revealing their Gnarcissist steel hardtail, then launching it on Kickstarter. In the months since then, they’ve produced a titanium version, the Gnarcissist Luxe, and teased a prototype or two as well. Much like Pole Bicycles did shortly after Eurobike, Sick Bicycles have also recently given up on carbon fibre as an environmental disaster in the making, in the process shelving their carbon-fibre rear prototype Have Blue.

For now, all their frames are built in the UK with Bryan at Downland Cycles. Hints had been dropping on their Instagram for a while though, and they’ve just unveiled a new frame to be made in Taiwan, the Grizzly Wülf, and a Pinion gearbox version too, the Wülfbaron. Gearboxes aside, both have some familiar and comforting standards to anyone who’s built up any kind of hardcore hardtail frame: 44mm head tube, threaded BB, and 31.6 seat tube.

Sick Bicycles Grizzly Wülf
The Grizzly Wülf is a little less extreme than the Gnarcissist.
Sick Bicycles Wülfbaron
The Wülfbaron combines the same geometry with a Pinion gearbox.

Jordan and Tim write:

“Available in standard drive and gearbox versions, destined to become a classic. This is our versatile, good times, trail destroyer. A mini Gnarcissist (Or a big Hacksaw Surgeon)
Not as long low and slack as the Gnar. Not as crazy and unstable as the Hacksaw.

A good entry in to the world of SICK!
We used our research in to Downhill and Enduro race machines to make a fun and reliable bike well suited for training and racing in the wettest winters. Designed for a lifetime of riding.

  • Designed around a 150mm fork
  • 27.5 Wheels
  • 73mm BB.
  • 31.6m Dropper post.
  • 44mm Headtube.
  • 64 head angle
  • 75 seat angle.
  • Aerospace Titanium (Made in Taiwan)

£800 – Grizzly Wülf Super Earlybird – (limit to 5) – Aerospace titanium, Stealth post routing, Boost Spacing, Raw finish.

£890 – Grizzly Wülf – Aerospace titanium, Stealth post routing, 73mm bb – Boost Spacing, Raw finish.

£950 – Grizzly Wulf LE – Aerospace titanium, Stealth post routing, 73mm bb – Boost Spacing, Gold and Raptor Black paintjob

£ 1999 – Wülfbaron – Aerospace titanium, Stealth post routing, Boost Spacing, Raw finish. Pinion Bridge Pinion C1.12 gearbox, Shifter, Cranks, Spider. Gates Splitter.

£2049 – Wülfbaron LE – Aerospace titanium, Stealth post routing, Boost Spacing Pinion Bridge, Pinion C1.12 gearbox, Shifter, Cranks, Spider. Gates Splitter – Gold and Raptor Black paint job.

Why choose Pinion? It’s a drivetrain for life. Almost maintenance free. Great placement of weight on the frame for stress-free shredding.

Each bike is individually numbered and comes with a free ‘owners only’ t-shirt

Please note this is a preorder. Frames will begin arriving DECEMBER 2017 – They will likely get stuck in customs for a while. Don’t order for Christmas! You might get lucky though!”

(Edit for clarity, 31st OCtober 2017: An earlier version of this text stated no refunds in reference to desposits. Jordan from Sick has been in touch to clarify “it has a lifetime single user warranty covering recreational, training and racing.”)

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Comments (7)

    “We shouldn’t have to say it, but no refunds”
    Er, I’d kind of hope you wouldn’t say it at all actually…

    @finbar We assume that means the deposit, but we can’t speak for them. They probably have warranties, and they’re subject to the same rules as any other company in the UK, but if you’re curious you should ask them directly.

    Thanks, and yes – I was referring to warranty. Perfectly understandable if the order deposit is non-refundable.

    Ti frame with Pinion C1.12 for £2k? With geometry in the ballpark of what I’m currently riding? My money is already down, placed my order last Tuesday night 🙂

    Surely there are some 14 day cooling off distance selling regulations?

    Wow that’s cheap for the pinion gearbox and a Ti frame

    Ah some of the text is from our customer mailout that allowed a deposit reservation.

    All our frames have a lifetime single owner warranty

    As we sell online we are subject to distance selling rewgulatuons unless the product is customised

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