Video: Mixed Media MTB Ride

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Micayla Gatto has been busy of late. Not only has she featured in this parody video which gave us all a giggle:

But she’s also been busy producing this ‘MTB Mixed Media Ride’ with Lacy Kemp. This is a change from your usual mountain bike edit. Yes, there are still amazing ridge ride shots, drone shots, inspirational words, and jumps. But there’s a lot more work gone into this than just riding a bike on some scenic trails before heading to the editing suite.

Combining Micayla’s twin passions (and jobs) of art and MTB, the video blends film footage with her designs, as well as a few additional colourful trail props. While combining art and mountain biking isn’t new, we don’t think we’ve seen this all out mixed media approach to video before. Let us know what you think, or if you’ve seen other examples.

If you can’t see the video, or for the full story on the making of it and the art it features, you need to hop on over to Red Bull.


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    I loved the first video when I saw it, this new one though looks like an Old Grey Whistle Test film clip from the 80s. Nat a fan as I think it adds nothing to the excellent riding on show.
    Does gets points for at least trying something different though.

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