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It’s Eurobike week, so between our gang touring aircraft hangers full of product and others making the most of the last week of the school holidays, we’re left with a skeleton staff here at Singletrack Towers. Luckily we’ve only had to survive for four days, thanks to that Bank Holiday Monday. Which of course means that today is not the Thursday it feels like it should be, but Friday. Which means it’s Fresh Goods Friday. Only it turns out that most of the products are also in those aircraft hangers in Germany, at Eurobike. Meaning that this will probably not be quite the Fresh Goods Friday you’re used to. Let’s see what’s come through the letterbox this week…

Teeny Weeny Clown Bike

  • Price: £more than the fun really warrants
  • From: Do you really want one?
Clown Bike Tiny Bike
Short, high and steep?

There have been no bikes delivered to the office this week. Yes, yes, this is a very sorry state of affairs. An even sorrier state of affairs is that while Hannah was on holiday last week, this is the only bike she rode.

Clown Bike Hannah
Not looking silly at all.

So, that’s that. No bikes in Fresh Goods Friday this week. If you want bikes, head here to see all the ones that are at Eurobike, some of which will no doubt be heading our way soon for testing.

Kenda Hellkat Pro Tyres


With a more aggressive tread pattern than the Nevegal² Pro below, this is the new Hellkat Pro, available in both 2.4in and 2.6in widths, and in 27.5in or 29in diameters.

Kenda Nevegal² Pro Tyres

Available in 27.5in and 29in diameters

Strictly speaking, these came through the door a few weeks ago, but we weren’t allowed to show you them then. Now however, all has been revealed at Eurobike, so hop on over here for all the details on these.

Bont Riot+ MTB BOA Cycling Shoe

Also available with green, grey or black detailing.

Carbon fibre heat mouldable shoes (you can warm them, mould them, let them set and then and repeat the process as many times as you like), now with a BOA fastener. The sole guards are replaceable, and designed to shed mud while providing grip. Rubber bumpers give your feet protection, and they’re specially designed not to stretch over time.

SunSense Sports Gel and Mist

  • Price: £15.99 (Gel), £22.99 (Mist)
  • From: SunSense


Mist option, for spraying on.

Is this some kind of sick joke? Suncream? In September? This is apparently a leading brand in Australia, where summer is about to start (please don’t anyone tell Wil), and we live in hope that we might get a last minute dose of autumn sunshine here. The Mist sprays on, while the Gel rubs on, both giving up to four hours of water-resistant protection. Intriguingly, the press release mentions more than once that they are easy to apply ‘even on hairy areas’. Are Australians especially hairy? Is this a reference to beards? Or is the nudist market particularly lucrative?

Gel option, for rubbing in.

What else has come through our letterbox? Somewhat surprisingly, given the last book review we published, we’ve been sent two books.

It Takes A Tribe by Will Dean

  • Price: £14.99
  • From: All good bookshops
Tough Mudder face, or trapped wind?

Promising to be ‘a textbook for anyone looking to start a business or find more followers’, this books tells the story of how the Tough Mudder events came to be so popular. No idea what a Tough Mudder event is? The press release says they’re events with ‘over twenty obstacles, forty tonnes of ice and five hundred thousand litres of Grade-A mud set over ten to twelve miles’. Sounds like most of our winter riding then. We suspect that some of you are going to get this book for Christmas.

Shut Up Legs by Jens Voigt

  • Price: £8.99
  • From: All good bookshops
Hannah telling her legs a thing or two.

Another potential Christmas book, this is Jens Voigt’s tale of being a professional cyclist. As a one man spine line and t-shirt quote generator, there’s a fair chance it’s an entertaining read.

OVO Energy Tour Of Britain Goody Bag

Tour of Britain starts 3rd September.

Some people like to ride their bikes on the road, and some people even like to race them. The OVO Tour Of Britain starts on 3rd September, and to mark the occasion we’ve been sent this goody bag. There’s a battery pack – which seems sensible given it’s an energy supplier sponsoring the race. And there’s a cycling cap.

Road cycling: it’s all about style.

There’s this pod thing, which contains a number of handy items:

…a puncture repair kit…
…some plasters, and a boiled sweetie – for in case of bonking emergencies perhaps?
…suncream – a cruel joke, surely.
…plastic gloves – for applying suncream to other people maybe?
…and finally a sterile wipe and lemon fresh wipe – perhaps for use before and after other glove related activities?

We don’t think we’ve quite reached our quota of weird for the week, so how about this:

We’re really not sure what that’s about. Part of the French theatre of the absurd tradition perhaps? Whatever, it’s all very odd. La Chiasse is the runs, or the shits, by the way.

Enough of the ridiculous now. Let’s leave on the sublime.

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