Eurobike 2017: The Weird And Wonderful Part 2

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If you missed the PG-rated part one of Eurobike’s weird and wonderful, here it is. Much like we did with Eurobike itself, let’s fire ourselves into part two with reckless abandon.

Kindshock were displaying a whopping 250mm, infinite travel, crotch-grabber dropper post, which Wil wrote about here. The bike industry has done slacker, lower, longer, could the next trend be… taller?

Eurobike 2017 - The Weird And WonderfulEurobike 2017 - The Weird And Wonderful
Robe and wizard hat optional.
Eurobike 2017 - The Weird And Wonderful
Ideal for your BMX.

By day 3, especially in the face of things like e-Penny Farthings, we were barely noticing normal ones:

Eurobike 2017 - The Weird And Wonderful
Probably off to enquire whether or not Enve make fifty inch rims.

Chipps threw in this photo of Ross and Wil working at the Gore party. Which one is weird and which wonderful is left as an exercise for the reader.

Eurobike 2017 - The Weird And Wonderful
Perhaps both are both?

We don’t know much about what’s going on with this one, it was just locked up in the corner of a hall, and looking at it for more than a minute starts to melt our brains. How many chains does it have? Answer: ALL OF THEM. Chipps says: “I’m not sure if there’s a motor in it or not, but there were wires coming out of it – and I’m surprised there wasn’t a controlled explosion”

Eurobike 2017 - The Weird And Wonderful
“Controlled explosion” could be a marketing strapline.

Sometimes, the people doing or riding weird stuff at trade shows seem a little shy about it, but not this guy. The Birzman pump chuck demo guy leaned right into the weird and embraced it. What a ledge.

Eurobike 2017 - The Weird And Wonderful
Feeling pumped?

Surly’s forks have so many bosses that, should you buy any bike luggage, you can probably be pretty sure it’ll fit:

Eurobike 2017 - The Weird And Wonderful
Bolt storage.

We’re still trying to figure out this advert from the toilets. Is the bike supermodel specific? Is it for transporting her from photoshoot to photoshoot? Does the young lady have a cargo bike fetish? Does she use it to carry round a large collection of very small clothes? Why is the seat so low? Is it an ebike, and is that why her hair is standing up? Is it possible to even point at something like this without a commenter immediately branding that as “Outrage!!11!1!”? Was there an ad agency meeting in which exactly this advert was presented, just without the woman, and someone went “Hmm, needs something more”? We didn’t visit the stand, so these are eternal mysteries now.

Eurobike 2017 - The Weird And Wonderful

The history of bikes bearing car branding is not a heartening one of quality machines, and with this, the tradition continues. We dub this folding bike “The Trunnion Triple”.

Eurobike 2017 - The Weird And Wonderful
Unlike this bike, opinions here are not split down the middle.

Nothing says “our products are too good for you” like no labels and a velvet rope. No one was queuing, but if they had been, they’d have been stared at by a giant elephant.

Eurobike 2017 - The Weird And Wonderful
Roland Barthes would have quite a bit to say about that rope.
Eurobike 2017 - The Weird And Wonderful
Is the person in the background doing donuts?
Eurobike 2017 - The Weird And Wonderful
We look forward to this incoming new brake disc standard.

This entire stand was bedecked in minions. We only photographed one bit, to limit your trauma.

Eurobike 2017 - The Weird And Wonderful
There is NO ESCAPE from Minions, anywhere.

Finally, here’s Wil stood next to Shaq’s bike:

Eurobike 2017 - Weird and wonderful - Shaq's bike

That’s it for the weird and wonderful of Eurobike 2017, but there are probably a few last bits of normal news to come, and you can see plenty more photos of Shaq’s bike here. You can also check out all of our extensive Eurobike 2017 coverage on the tag STWEB17.

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    I like that the third-from-last bike (with the big holes in it) has a big ‘carbon’ sticker on the alloy chainstay…

    I’ve been assuming the big holes and likely weight mean it doubles up as a pair of mobile stocks.

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