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Video: Up Close & Personal With The Identiti Mettle

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Having finally arrived in the UK just a few weeks ago, the production version of the Identiti Mettle has been a long time coming.

First shown off in prototype form last year, the Mettle has been in development for well over four years now, and comes to the market in 2017 as the first enduro mountain bike designed in-house by Identiti Bikes. Identiti is of course better known amongst British mountain bikers for its dirt jump and slopestyle bikes, but the UK-based company is looking to expand on its repertoire, with the Mettle being the first model to push into dedicated trail bike territory.

And given the looks of this bike here, we reckon they’re off to a very fine start indeed.

identiti mettle halo gusset
Equipped with a RockShox Yari fork and a big Deluxe rear shock, the Mettle comes enduro-ready out of the box.

The Mettle features 160mm of suspension travel front and rear, and it’s rolling on 27.5in hoops. With clearance for up to 2.5in wide tyres, and geometry that lodges firmly into the ‘low, long and slack’ category, the Mettle is made for thumping down stupidly steep and rough terrain.

identiti mettle halo gusset
The Mettle is the result of over four years of development, prototyping and testing on the racetrack.

For a full rundown of all the details, you can check out our First Look article on the Identiti Mettle here.

But to hear the word straight from the horses mouth, check out the video below that we filmed when Identiti’s own Pat Campbell-Jenner came to visit us at Singletrack Towers. Being the lead designer and project manager for the Mettle project, Pat has an intimate understanding of the bike and some of the design challenges they encountered along the way.

You can get more information on the Mettle and the wider range via the Identiti Bikes website.

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