PressCamp Part One: What Is PressCamp?

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Some of you will be familiar with PressCamp. Most will surely have no friggin clue what I’m talking about. You may have seen some of our coverage from PressCamp before, as it’s an annual event that Singletrack participates in every June.

Held amongst the mountains of Park City in Utah, PressCamp is a small-scale cycling expo that involves a couple of dozen bike brands coming together to take over the Silver Baron Lodge in Deer Valley to show off the latest and greatest. A couple of dozen cycling journo-types are invited to the event, and over a four day period, these journos get to visit each brand to check out all the new product, as well as getting the inside tip on what’s to come in the near future. (Hint: there’s A LOT coming!)

In contrast to the big events like Interbike and Eurobike, PressCamp is a much more intimate affair that involves significantly less rushing around. The organisers of PressCamp, Chad & Lance, actually used to run the Interbike show, but sold it off years ago after getting tired of the mass-market style bike shows. Their idea was to scale things right down, and put the emphasis on quality, and not quantity.

presscamp utah snow mountains moto
My first ride of PressCamp 2017 was on the new Pivot Mach 4 Carbon. Thankfully the Yanks flipped the brakes for me.

As well as meeting up and having a good yarn with each brand, us lucky journos also get to demo some of that product on the excellent singletrack around Deer Valley. So it isn’t all meetings and notepads.

During this year’s PressCamp event, I took along a video camera with me to document the journey to and from PressCamp in the US, and also to show you a little bit of what goes on behind-the-scenes at this rather unique cycling media event.

If you want to know more about the event, then check out the PressCamp website. Otherwise, stay tuned for Part Two of our PressCamp VLOG series!

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