Pivot TwentyFour12 Race Celebrates 12 Years

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The Pivot TwentyFour12 endurance race event celebrated its twelfth year at the weekend in exceptionally wet style. The rain started on Friday afternoon and pretty much didn’t stop until after midnight on Saturday but still there were plenty of finishers riding over the line in the sunshine come noon on Sunday.

The format is 3 races in one with two 12 hour races and an all or nothing 24 hour race running from noon Saturday to Sunday. Perhaps the most unlucky were those opting for the early 12 hour race from noon Saturday to midnight as it pretty much rained constantly through all 12 hours. Those solo racers opting for the torch bearer start at midnight on Sunday were perhaps no luckier even though the rain stopped shortly after they started. From that point the mud grew thicker and stickier. So lets face it.. it didn’t really matter when you started or for how long you raced, it was one of the toughest and muddiest races in the events 12 year history. This being the 12th year the event was given the extra moniker of ‘The Dirty Dozen’ and it was a title that did not disappoint.

The race also incorporated the National 24 hour Solo championships that included a prize pot of £2000 for the podium. Those that made it to the podium had pushed themselves to the limit with some needing a helping hand to step up to claim their well deserved prizes.

In the mens’ 24 hour solo category it was Max Suttie who took the honours along with a cheque for £400 after racking up a staggering 26 laps.

Mens 24 Solo Podium

Your leading male soloists
  • 1st – Max Suttie
  • 2nd Matthew Jones
  • 3rd Michael Mccutcheon

Full solo male results here.

Women’s 24 Solo Podium

In the women’s category it was Naomi Freireich who took the top spot and the cash with 20 laps although she was chased all the way by Isla Rowntree, who was competing in her first ever 24 hour solo race.

Your womens’ solo 24hour champions
  • 1st Naomi Freireich
  • 2nd Isla Rowntree
  • Donna Waring

Full women’s solo results here

But no matter how much wet the weather threw at the riders it couldn’t wipe the smiles off the faces of these riders.

Gallery Of Smiles

Hey, I’m covered in mud, happy but playing it cool.
I lost my glasses and have ridden the last 4 miles with my eyes shut
Rain? It’s going to take more than that to dampen these spirits.
Not sure if this is a grimace or a smile
Surprise! I made it!
Do you have my beer?
Mutters profanities under his breath while squeezing out a smile
You know that bit in Predator where Arnie covers himself in mud to become invisible?

Pivot Cycles

The event has been sponsored by Pivot Cycles for 2 years as the title sponsor but for much longer as a minor sponsor and all visitors to the event could pick out a bike from the Pivot demo fleet to take around on a lap or two with full technical support on hand thanks to the Pivot mechanics. There was even opportunity for us to get a bike check run down on both the all new Pivot Mach 5.5  and 4 bikes. Check out our Facebook Live broadcast below.

Check out our 1st Look at the Mach 5.5 here

Matt Carr of Upgrade Bikes was the man of the weekend on the Mic, giving endless encouragement to all th eriders as well as endless requests for Living On Prayer over the PA.


And speaking of PA…

Our man on the ground Wil ‘Doubledecks’ Barrett entertained the crowds on Saturday evening. You may even have caught his set live on Facebook.

The Night Gallery

From 7pm on Saturday it was compulsory to have lights on your bike. Spares and rentals were available from lighting sponsor Exposure Lights.
Pizza, crepes, jackets. After you’ve had your umpteenth gel you’ll eat it all. On site caterers were cooking all through the night.

It took some patience to get it going but there’s nothing like a dangerous fire in an old washing machine to take your mind off the lack of sensation in your feet.

Were You There?

Dave Hayward was the official photographer for the event. If you were out on course when he was then he probably has a shot of you encased in mud. Check out his website for hundreds of images from the weekend.


We went out on course on Saturday evening to see how it was wearing in. A little too much wear was the consensus.


Full results are available on the Time Laps Event website but here are the podiums for each category.

And we even broadcast the podium presentation, which included a prize money pot of £2000 for the National Solo Champions, live on Facebook.

For more information on the Pivot range of bikes see their website here.

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