Monday Morning Debrief 95

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Yes yes, we know, it’s not morning anymore. But we’ve had some very important business to attend to this morning.

Rob reading issue 114 magazine
Office copies have arrived!

Now we’re done sniffing the latest issue, we’re ready to talk about what we got up to at the weekend. But first a tune. Let’s have some engine noise. You’ll see why soon enough.

My weekend did not involve bike riding, but it did involve a spot of wild camping with the kids. I took advantage of the fact that I was down to only two children (my husband being away watching cricket), so we had a local adventure into the woods. Since nobody needed a wild poo and the first aid kit was not deployed, I’m going to call it a success.

OK, I admit to being a bit scared.

Wil went out for a ride. Here he is looking very scared by a bog.

Wil bog
Is Wil worried he will get those shoes dirty?

Wil does not eat cake, so he took a picture of someone else’s cake. There are probably laws about that.

How can anyone ‘not eat cake’?

Chipps also went out for a ride, and took this shot of Beate riding through the heather, which is on tip top form right now. Beate, of course, is always on tip top form.

Yay, a dry ride!

Chipps has got himself a new car. Apparently it cost him five guitars and two amps.

Chipps car
Please provide your own captions. We have made ourselves cry coming up with some.

Andi has also got a new car, but he hasn’t got any pictures of it yet. But this is his old car that he’s swapping it for.

Andi Car
Is there a tartan rug and a flask on the back seat?

I know nothing about cars, and am only interested in their bike carrying capacity. Which makes both of these very low scorers. However, I understand that some people think a car can add to your sex appeal. I’m not prepared to comment on whether either of these are working for me. But you should feel free to comment below.

In a switch from our usual format, we didn’t bring you a Fresh Goods Friday Live, but we did do a grand unboxing of some Trickstuff gear that landed last week. Get your peepers round this.

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