Eurobike 2017: Praxis Shows Cheaper Girder Carbon Crankset

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After showing off an early prototype Lyft carbon crank back at the Taipei show in 2016, Praxis spent a significant amount of time refining the finished product before finally bringing the Lyft to the market earlier this year, along with a heavy duty version. We’ve since gotten in a set of the Lyft carbon cranks in for testing, which is fitted to the Whyte T-130 longterm test bike, and they are very nice indeed.

praxis girder carbon cranks
The Girder Carbon cranks are brand new from Praxis, and are designed to be a cheaper alternative to the Lyft series.

Adding to the current line of cranks, Praxis is now ready to bring another set of carbon cranks to the mountain bike market, but these ones are going to be quite a lot cheaper. Called the Girder Carbon, this crankset will slot in between the superlight Lyft crankset, and the hollow forged alloy Girder M30 crankset.

praxis girder carbon cranks
The chunky carbon fibre arms are solid, not hollow like those used on the Lyft cranks.

Using solid carbon fibre crank arms (compared to the hollow arms used on the Lyft), the Girder Carbon is a little weightier, but not much. 542 grams is the claimed weight for the arms and spindle, meaning these are just 82 grams more than the Lyfts. However, they’re significantly cheaper. UK pricing is yet to be confirmed on the Girder Carbons, but they’re expected to be in the £300-£330 price range. That means they’ll be about 35% cheaper than the Lyft cranks, which come in at £499.

praxis girder carbon cranks
There’s an alloy spindle that runs at 30mm in diameter, before stepping down to 28mm near the non-drive crank arm. This ‘step’ nestles into the non-drive bearing, much like SRAM’s GXP system.
praxis girder carbon cranks
The M30 axle is designed to work with Praxis’ own bottom brackets, which are available to fit nearly any frame out there.
praxis girder carbon cranks
The chainring is a direct mount style, which uses the same 3-bolt mounting system as a SRAM direct mount crank and chairning. Both standard and Boost offsets are available, and the chainring uses the MRP Wave Tooth profile.
praxis girder carbon cranks
Claimed weight on the Girder Carbon cranks is just 542 grams – only 82 grams more than a set of Lyft cranks.

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    look nice but slx cranks are 600g and 60quid!

    GX eagle cranks are driect mount and weigh around the same for £100.
    but they’re not carbon, and weight isn’t the critical thing (remembering topline noodly cranks here!)
    However, the added performance/carbon pimp if any, may be worth an extra £200 to some, and seem like a silly idea to others.

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