£40,000 Ortlieb Shipment Stolen En Route To Tebay

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We wondered what was up when some Ortlieb samples didn’t turn up on time for a review recently, and sadly, we’ve just found out they were stolen along with £40,000 of other stock. In a Facebook post, UK distributor Lyon Equipment said:

“We’re sad to report that one of our shipments of Ortlieb products on it’s way to us at Tebay was stolen from the delivery vehicle late last week. The products are predominantly cycle & drybag related and total 10 pallets, over £40,000 worth of stock. Please keep your eyes peeled for any suspiciously low priced Ortlieb products on Ebay, Gumtree, etc and let us know if you spot anything. Apologies in advance for any stock shortages from our retailers.”

Lyon Equipment are based in Tebay (if you ever drive to Scotland from Englad to ride, you’ll probably know best for Tebay Services). They also shared this photo:

Ortlieb Panniers

Those panniers will be a very familiar sight to anyone who’s done much cycle commuting or spent a lot of time geeking out over kit for it. They’ve not been any clearer on exactly what was stolen “except cycle and drybag related”, but you can see new bikepacking luggage they launched here, as well as the previous models of the same range here.

If you want to familiarise yourself more with Ortliebs bags, you can follow these links to their bike bags, bikepacking kit, and dry bags.

Here are a few photos of that bikepacking stuff just in case:









If you spot anything suspiciously new and cheap for sale, let Lyon Equipment know.

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Ortlieb aren’t just a bag company, they’re very pro-bike:

“Hartmut Ortlieb was inspired to produce waterproof bicycle panniers during a cycling holiday in England. Isn’t this enough proof for our high interest in sustainable promotion of cycling? We support campaigns, associations and organizations promoting the use of this fantastic transport means protecting our climate and making traffic more human. ORTLIEB has been supporting the initiative of the German Bicycle Association ADFC and the German health insurance AOK “Cycling to Work” (“Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit”) since 2004 as well as similar international campaigns such as “Bike to Work” in Switzerland.”

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