Video: Wallride Madness

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Whatever you’re doing – important stuff, or just banging your head against a wall, take a break and watch this. OK, it’s BMX not mountain biking, but it is worthy of a four minute detour in the land of little wheels and low slung jeans. There’s no builder’s bum here though, just stone cold crazy tricks.

George Marshall / Red Bull Content Pool

Filmed in various locations around the UK, this takes wall riding to a new level. We can only imagine Sebastian Keep was bricking it as he eyed up a few of these lines. But retaining his cool and cementing his reputation, he managed to Lego of the brakes and let the bike roll – he’d surely have been motar-fied if he’d bottled it.

George Marshall / Red Bull Content Pool

What do you think? All a bit too gnar-wall for you?

George Marshall / Red Bull Content Pool

Can you trump our puns? Go on…you know you want to…don’t meet us with a wall of silence…

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    Excellent vid. Lost count of the number of times I said ‘that’s ridiculous!’

    Corbelimey that a piers flash(ing). Wythe heck anyone would try it I don’t know but it doesn’t need pointing out of course that someone will be footing the bill if he makes a pilaster of himself.
    Think I’d need a joint first.

    Over 7 months old, but still good.

    Sorry, forgot the ‘pun’. Wall out of date.

    Epic skills! Great stuff on his channel generally too.

    Good to see it again. The behind the scenes video is good too.

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