DMR Sled: How To And How Not To Do a Bike Check Video

by Andi Sykes 1

Over the weekend you might have seen Wil pop up on Facebook with a Live bike check with the DMR Sled. Wil does this now and then. He takes his phone, or the office GoPro up a mountain where he hunkers down and get’s his Facebook Live on.

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You can re-watch the video below, and as you will see, Wil is his usual professional self, telling us all about the DMR Sled, giving us detailed facts and figures and answering questions before we even have to ask.

What a pro!

But not all bike checks are made equal and as a comparison, we’d like you to sit down and enjoy what is possibly one of the funniest, bike checks we’ve ever made.

It’s about the same DMR Sled, but this time around things aren’t quite as well prepared or polished. Enjoy!

We would like to point out that this second video was just made for fun and isn’t representative of the work, or reviews that we carry out here at Singletrack Magazine, but we think you can all agree that it’s rather funny.

For those of you who still prefer to sit down and read about a bike rather than watch one of us talk about it then we also have the DMR Sled First Look article here for you to take a look at. Also, keep an eye on our Review’s section for the full DMR Sled review coming soon

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  1. To be fair thats a lot more informative than a lot of reviews I’ve seen 🙂

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