Women In Enduro MTB Survey

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Tracy Moseley has shared a survey on her Facebook page. She says:

“There has been quite a lot of chat on the UK Enduro organisers group recently about how to increase female race entries and how best to grow the field and interest in racing.

“If you are female and race, have raced, ever thought of racing or don’t and never want to …so basically all you ladies that ride bikes !!
Please take a few moments to help educate us About what you would Like to see in Enduro races in the U.K…”

Tracy Moseley – knows a thing or two about Enduro.

It’s a very short survey and really does only take a moment to fill in, so if you ride a bike and you’re a woman, it would be great if you could respond. Click here for the survey.

Jura Julbo Enduro Hannah
This is Hannah having a go at Enduro. Would you consider doing this?

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    Something that surprised me recently was a trip to Finale as there was a seriously larger proportion of women riding of all ages over there than I was expecting. Admittedly the trails over there are amazing but even so it seemed like 1 in ten riders was a woman. Over here it seems more like 1 in 50

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