Monday Morning Debrief 90

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Could you just pass that cushion? Yes, that really soft fluffy one. It’s Monday, and it’s the Monday after Mountain Mayhem. We’re going to need cushions. And coffee. And possibly some more cushions. In fact, never mind the singular bottom cushion, tip a pile on the floor and let’s all have a bit of a snooze.

Yes, a good few of us made it to Mountain Mayhem for a final year of going round and round Princess Anne’s garden for 24 hours. Chipps joined one of the Ride For Michael teams. Chipps’ team also contained Simon Gallup, perhaps better known as the bass player for the Cure. Not that Chipps has been dropping that into conversation at every opportunity. There are no photos of Chipps riding because he was on a secret bike, so here’s a picture of him in his undercover hat.

Chipps, subtle dresser.
Chipps, subtle dresser.

Hannah found herself attempting the race solo, as those kind people who had invited her to join their team all dropped out. Maybe they planned it like that all along. Hannah managed 13 laps before calling it quits with blistered hands and bottom. Then she had a little nap before heading out for a final 14th lap and a shake of Pat Adams’ hand.

Sleepy little lamb.
Sleepy little lamb.

Still unable to ride a bike, Wil was delighted to be able to find a use for his disintegrating body by donning his DJ shades and putting out tunes to keep everyone awake and riding. He’s off to Press Camp in America now, so look out for his tired face bringing you product news from across the pond this week.

Tuuuune! (click!)

James and Mark were also at Mayhem, although since James was in charge of the camera, there are no shots of him. Look out for his galleries of shots coming soon (Retro bike alert! And Phil the Horse klaxon. Those of you who know, know. Those of you who don’t, well soon you will. And then you will never not know, nor unsee). Mark largely evaded the camera, although there is this one of his arm though. Aren’t you sad you couldn’t  see his moves in all their full glory?

At least two of these arms are ironic.
At least two of these arms are ironic.

Away from Mayhem, there was Havoc for Antony (see what we did there?) as he went off to the local bike park for some steep lines and crazy jumps. Antony assures us he was rad and ripping the gnar.

Credit: Antony de Heveningham
Not Antony. Credit: Antony de Heveningham

Oh look, it’s Antony. Here he is, being superradstoked. Oh, er, we think it’s Antony behind the helmet and goggles, or maybe it’s just a friend of photographer Danny Wilson?

Credit: Danny Wilson
Possibly not Antony. Credit: Danny Wilson

Tom Nash got himself a handy Father’s Day present – a remote for his DSLR, so can take Action Selfies. In keeping with this week’s theme, this section of trail is called Fracas. It’s shortly after Minor Affray (tight switchbacks), and before Pandemonium (bomb hole with rooty exit).*

Credit: Tom Nash
Definitely Tom. Credit: Tom Nash

*Some of this MMD may be a work of fiction.

There was no Fresh Goods Friday Live this week, since we were stuck in the van on the motorway. So have some Live Mayhem instead. Featuring Alan the Owl, and Wil holding a tarantula. Briefly.

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