Keep Hydrated At Mountain Mayhem and Save 30% on OTE Sports Products

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If you plan on taking part in this weekend’s GO Outdoors Mountain Mayhem then you will want to ensure you’re properly fueled up. This is where OTE Sports steps in.

The GO Outdoors Mountain Mayhem kicks off this weekend and will see riders lap the Mayhem course as often as they can over 24 hours, you can get an idea of what the course is like in our Mountain Mayhem Course Preview here.

ote nutrition london bike show food drink hydration bar gel isotonic
Keep your energy levels up with OTE Sports Energy Bars

For the fittest of riders one lap could take as little as 40 minutes but on average an hour seems to be the figure most people will be lapping at, but regardless of your times and speed you are going to have to ensure that you’re properly fed and hydrated during the event.

Mountain Mayhem Sponsors, OTE Sports, suggests that riders need to take on board 6-80g of carbohydrate per lap to remain hydrated, even if sitting out a lap or at the end of the event, riders have to maintain a constant flow of hydration to recover correctly.

ote nutrition london bike show food drink hydration bar gel isotonic
OTE Sports Energy Gels available in a range of flavours

OTE Sports Energy Drink, which provides 40g of carbohydrate per serving, is the suggest option for hydration at Mountain Mayhem 2017 and the OTE Energy gels that provide 20g of carbohydrates can be consumed to make up the rest of your 60-80g per lay quota. For those of you who prefer solids rather than gels OTE has a range of Energy Bars too.

OTE Sports will be present at the Mountain Mayhem where their range of Energy Drinks, Energy Gels, Energy and Protein Bars plus Hydro Tabs will be available to purchase, what’s more OTE is offering a 30% discount on site and online when using the discount code: Mayhem17. This code can also be used on the OTE Sports website:

If you’re unsure how to use the different products available from OTE Sports, the team is also on hand to offer advice and suggestions too.

The 20th Mountain Mayhem
The 20th Mountain Mayhem

What is Mountain Mayhem?

Mountain Mayhem was, in 1998, the first ever 24-hour mountain bike endurance event in the UK. After 20 years it has achieved the accolade of being the longest running 24-hour mountain bike endurance event in the world. It is the event that has inspired other 24-hour MTB events across the UK and Europe

Where and When is Mountain Mayhem?

Mountain Mayhem will take place on the 16th – 18th June at Gatcombe Park, Gloucestershire.

How do I enter?

You can enter Mountain Mayhem via the official Mountain Mayhem website:

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