Free Beer For Singletrack Subscribers At Mountain Mayhem

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The sun is already out in preparation for Mountain Mayhem and we’re struggling to get on with our day to day work and not daydream about the fun we have ahead of us. In fact, we’re feeling super happy and extra generous and seeing as though this is the 20th anniversary of Mountain Mayhem we thought we’d get the first round in.

We’re asking all Singletrack Subscribers attending the GO Outdoors Mountain Mayhem this weekend to pop other to our tent, conveniently located next to the bar, so that we can buy them a beer, on the house, gratis, FREE. All that we ask is you make sure that you have the Singletrack App installed on your smartphone/tablet and that you’re logged in with your subscriber account so that we can verify who you are.

24 hours of Mountain Mayhem!
24 hours of Mountain Mayhem!

Speaking of beer, we’ve also planned an unofficial “Singletrack Lurkers Area” at Mountain Mayhem this year. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what a lurkers area is here’s a quick introduction.

Chipps' birthday cake
There will be plenty of these at Mayhem

What is a “Lurkers Area”?

In endurance cross country events, the aim is to complete as many laps as you can during the allotted time in this case 24 hours. As the time comes to a close anyone who crosses the line before the clock stops then complete an additional lap. This is great for racers who really want to rack up laps, but for those of us who just want the pain to end, it’s a nightmare.

A “Lurkers Area” gives you the chance to hang back on your last lap to “fix your puncture” or “put your chain back on”  so that you cross the line just on time! Phew!

DJ Wil warming up for the main event
DJ Wil warming up for the main event

The “Singletrack Lurkers Area”

Lurkers Areas were once frowned upon, but in the spirit of Mountain Mayhem we’re setting one up anyway, actually, it’s going to be the ultimate lurker’s area, a place so comfortable and fun you’ll happily forgo an extra lap just so you can kick back and party.

Naturally, we’re going to have beer on tap to tempt you, we’re also going to have scrumptious cakes waiting to be scoffed and DJ Wil will even be making an appearance spinning his decks and dropping the bass. If you don’t drink don’t worry we’ll have soft drinks available too, and the cake and music are all absolutely alcohol-free.

special limited edition Mountain Mayhem 20th Anniversary brew
Special limited edition Mountain Mayhem 20th Anniversary brew

Stroud Brewery Official Beer Sponsors Of Mountain Mayhem

Stroud Brewery is the Official Beer Sponsor of Mountain Mayhem and to celebrate this landmark occasion a new beer has been created.

The special limited edition Mountain Mayhem Anniversary brew will be on sale at their bar located next to the Singletrack tent. More details can be found here:

If you haven’t already signed up for Mountain Mayhem then you can do so here:

2017 GO Outdoors Mountain Mayhem sponsors
2017 GO Outdoors Mountain Mayhem sponsors

What is Mountain Mayhem?

Mountain Mayhem was, in 1998, the first ever 24-hour mountain bike endurance event in the UK. After 20 years it has achieved the accolade of being the longest running 24-hour mountain bike endurance event in the world. It is the event that has inspired other 24-hour MTB events across the UK and Europe

Where and When is Mountain Mayhem?

Mountain Mayhem will take place on the 16th – 18th June at Gatcombe Park, Gloucestershire.

How do I enter?

You can enter Mountain Mayhem via the official Mountain Mayhem website:

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