Fort William 2017: Video Log Day Three

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In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been having an absolute blast hanging out and reporting from the Fort William World Cup this weekend. Although the weather was forecast to be dead ‘orrible, it’s turned out alright, with the sun making a welcome appearance from time to time, leaving plenty of beaming smiles on everyone’s dials – including the riders.

The atmosphere at Fort William is insane. The crowds have been building each day, and the race pits are buzzing with excitement, tension and a bit of stress too. With loads of riders on form and plenty of new bikes on show, the scene is set for an epic showdown for tomorrow’s race day.

But before we get stuck into all the serious racing action, lets take a walk through the pits, the wash bay and on the gondola with our resident goonies, Andi & Ross, who grab hold of any and every rider they can see on their way. Watch out Gwin!

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