Singletrack Shorts: Daily Facebook Live Broadcasts Begin This Week

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Monday’s are the worst! The first day back to work, the first day of amazing weather (it’s really sunny here) but worst of all, a full week of work until the next Fresh Goods Friday Live… How do you cope?

Well, now it doesn’t matter! From today all the way to Friday we will be firing up the cameras, updating our streams and going Live on Facebook daily at 12:15. Each day we’ll focus on just a few new products or items, and will be answering your questions and queries live. We promise not to go over 5 minutes in each broadcast thus making each Live video much easier to watch without boss/co-worker detection, and best of all you’ll still have our regular Fresh Goods Friday Live slot to look forward too.

Our first Singletrack Short, presented by Hannah this morning, was all about the new Julbo goggles and full face Lazer helmet that she is currently testing.  Watch below;

As we have new products arriving daily we don’t know what tomorrow’s Singletrack Shorts will be focussing on, but we will post what we intend to talk about in the morning so that you all have time to set aside some time and plan any questions you might want to ask.

See you on Facebook Live tomorrow at 12:15.

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