Singletrack Shorts 003: Praxis Works Lyft Cranks

by Andi Sykes 0

Singletrack Shorts is a new feature that we started this week. Everyday at 12:15, while you all head to the canteen to tuck into your lunches, we’ll be in our new studio broadcasting Live on Facebook.

You’ll know when we’re live as you’ll get a notification from Facebook telling you so, well that’s if you follow us on Facebook… You do follow us on Facebook don’t you?

Yesterday was episode 003 of Singletrack Shorts and in it Wil unboxed and gave us a detailed look at a new set of Lyft carbon cranks from component manufacturer Praxis.

Anyone who loves top of the line, mega bling, lightweight goodies will want to sit down and watch this 5 minute hands on. As usual there is plenty of detail in the video, but if you do have a question that isn’t answered feel free to leave a comment either here or on our Facebook Page.

Singletrack Shorts: 004

Today at 12:15 (just under an hour from now) Singletrack Shorts 004 will be broadcast on Facebook Live, today we will be highlighting the Horizon clipless pedals from Nukeproof.

Nukeproof Horizon pedals coming up in Singletrack Shorts 004
Nukeproof Horizon pedals coming up in Singletrack Shorts 004

As with every Live broadcast we welcome your questions and comments and will aim to answer as many as we can in realtime.

See you all at 12:15.

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