PMBA Enduro Round 2 Approaching Fast

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Just a few weekends hence, on June 3rd and 4th, it’s round two of the PMBA Enduro. Entries are still open at this link, though registration is required to see them, and registration closes at midday on June the 1st:

Round 1 was apocalyptically wet, as this video shows, but we’re happy to report that all the trails around Singletrack Towers, from Lee Quarry to Havok Bike Park, have been baking to dust for about a month. Even with a bit of rain incoming later this week, you’re probably in for much drier, firmer trails than everyone got at Gisburne.

If you want to know more about the Lee Quarry+Havok round last year, check out Matthew Woodall’s 2016 report, but I’ve been waiting for an excuse to share this spectacular PMBA moment from Round 4 at Graythwaite Hall last year:

(No video? Try this link)

Rd 3 Stage 1 -4

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    Had a sneaky practice last wekend at Lee/Havok. Everything is dry as a bone (bet it changes before the Enduro though!). Was my first time at either location, despite them only being 20 miles or so away from me. Shall be heading back to Havok for sure 🙂

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