Monday Morning Debrief 88

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It’s Monday! But where’s Wil? He’s not here again! He did send us this, which we assume is supposed to make us feel jealous.

Where's Wil?
Where’s Wil?

We’re guessing he’s going to return all ‘Hey guys, I’ve been riding bikes somewhere sunny!’. But we’re going to be like ‘Yeah, and?’. Because look at this.

Sunny Todmorden
Current status: most excellent.

And it’s going to continue…Boom!

Weather forecast sunny
Bring it…

It’s not all good news this Monday though. On Friday, after a short and swift decline, Clover the poodle went to that big sofa in the sky. Many of you will have seen her at races and visitors to the office will have had to defend their chips from her attentions. When she wasn’t checking that no one had left any cheese lying carelessly around, Clover was to be found under Chipps’ desk. Spare a thought for Chipps and his cold feet this morning. RIP Clover.

Andi had a mixed bag of a weekend too. One minute he was flying through the air being all awesome on his new bike at the Steel City Downhill…

And then he was all hurty and not quite so airborne:

But he’s made it into work like the brave little soldier that he is. That recovery beer must have worked.

Hannah was testing out her new over the glasses goggles and full face helmet combo at Lee Quarry. She admits this ‘jump’ looked pathetic even before you had Andi’s flight of the eagle to contrast it with.

Ross’ weekend started early as he headed up to the Lakes for a spot of pootling. Pfft. If you’ve ever seen Ross ride, you’ll know that Ross never pootles anywhere. Captions for this image anyone?

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Over there..??

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How about ‘My new bike would look really good if we took it over there to Instagram it’.

Yeah, we think you can probably do better.

For more cheesey jokes (boom, tish) check out Fresh Goods Friday Live. Send in the clowns.

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    Pic caption

    “Look it’s Wil”

    “I’ve just checked and I appear to have soiled myself, and there nearest loo is over there!”

    Looks like Wil is flying over Antibes. Where can he be going?

    Very sorry for your loss Chipps.

    Sorry to read about Clover.

    Thinking of you and yours Chipps.

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