Ibis Launches Mojo HD4 At EWS Ireland

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We’ve just had word (at midnight on a Bank Holiday, indeed!) that Ibis has just announced the latest version of its tough and leggy enduro bike, the Mojo HD4.

The new Ibis Mojo HD4. Longerer, slackerer and lower-er-er
It’s not all hard work on these photoshoots, eh? Photo by Dave Trumpore, Courtesy of Ibis

Eagle eyed onlookers might have seen something special-looking and unbadged being ridden speedily at this weekend’s Enduro World Series race in Wicklow, Ireland, but the official word is now out and the HD 4 is here. Or at least it will be when they start shipping in mid-June.

Racing new bikes in front of baying crowds. Ideal! Photo by Dave Trumpore, Courtesy of Ibis
Mr Stripy T looks less impressed this time round. Photo by Dave Trumpore, Courtesy of Ibis
Secret prototypes come in black, too.

The HD4 is the latest of the Ibis tough-trail/enduro frames, featuring 27.5″ wheels and 150mm of rear wheel travel, delivered through the well respected dw-link suspension. The HD4 has been “further refined and optimized to handle the steepest most aggressive terrain found worldwide.” Which kind of means that it’s longer (and it is) and slacker (which it is too).

“Testing over the past year was conducted throughout Northern California’s most rugged back country trails and also by members of our Enduro World Series (EWS) team.”

Some of the team, doing ‘testing’… Photo by Dave Trumpore, Courtesy of Ibis
And this is my office… (Photo by Dave Trumpore, Courtesy of Ibis. As are most of the pics)
And now, without riders in to spoil the view…
The familiar Ibis swoopy shapes are still there, but they’re more chiselled and purposeful.
Room for a piggyback shock and a bottle.
This colour scheme appears to be called Fireball Red, though it seems to go by ‘Pork Chop’
More sharp lines


Here’s what Ibis says is new with the HD4

  • Refined progressive geometry
  • 64.9 degree head tube angle
  • Reach increases across the size range (4mm on small, to 34mm on XL)
  • Seat tube length reduction and bore depth increase, allowing for the longest droppers
  • 30% stiffer upper link, 40% stiffer lower link
  • Increased progression in shock leverage curve for better big hit performance
  • Re-engineered carbon layup yielding greater frame stiffness overall
  • dw-link v5 kinematics, Dave’s most efficient system to date
  • Available in Fireball Red, or Añejo Silver & Lime

The Ibis Cycles Enduro Race Team just finished the latest round of the EWS in Wicklow Ireland, leading the overall team championship for the second race in a row. The team first climbed atop the podium after riding unmarked versions of the HD4 on the third stop of the EWS on Madeira Island. The new bike did not go unnoticed, resulting in considerable internet chatter. Ibis delivered the team new bikes painted in the “Fireball Red” scheme last week, and ended up with four riders finishing in top ten positions, and once again found the team number one in the world in the team standings.

We do love that Blackburn snack and tool pouch. Neat! (Pic by ibis)

We’ll bring you more news and an up close and personal look at the new bikes soon. But now, here should be a newly opened web page all about the bike: ibiscycles.com/bikes/mojo_hd4


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    Looks stunning but I don’t see a reason to upgrade from my wonderful 6 month old HD3.

    If my numbers come up I may just be ringing my local dealer!

    If my numbers come up I may just be ringing my local dealer! Plus it’s one of the few to have a proper threaded BB.

    Always liked the Mojo, but is it my imagination or does that adjuster on the shock look very close to the frame in the 1st close-up pic?

    Looks a little too close for comfort to me.

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